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Answer for the clue "Twists of paper for lighting candles ", 6 letters:

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n. (plural of spill English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: spill )

Usage examples of spills.

The creek is running high all the Thames tributaries are in spate today and floodwater backs up under the bridge carrying the new A13 road and spills over into Dagenham sewage works.

The thrum of their turning births a wind that spills throughout creation, so hot and wet that it becomes a haze.

Blood spills over shoulder and arm, staining the cloth of his tunic, staining the grass and the soil.

Purified, its wyreglow fills the darkness, but spills shadows in bright light.

Today, all the wires and efforts and smoking spills had failed to produce the slightest glow.

Wiry, mist-beaded spills of her hair stuck out from all sides of it like tangles of spiderweb.

Like seed, it spills of its own volition, and leaves naught but sorrow in its wake.

All that remained was to set the image into a proper casing, and that was already waiting, ready on the shelf: a smooth, pale green egg the color of old, well-weathered copper, with streaks and spills of stronger green, and the ghost of the metal showing through.

The sergeant has a momentary glimpse of the bank again as the water spills clear.

The brook spills out onto the roadway and he is wondering whether to take off his shoes and socks and roll up his trousers when in the space of a minute the level surges to his chest.

As floodwater spills over the glass walls, temperature, salinity, pH and oxygen levels go haywire.