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Answer for the clue "Actress Shaw of B'way fame ", 4 letters:

Usage examples of reta.

I stretch that egg and tomato, there will never be enough of Reta Winters for everyone who needs her.

Up here, on the third floor of the house, my senses sharpen and connect me with that other Reta, young Reta, not really so far away.

I suspect that little Reta Summers was slower than most in accepting the unknotting of earthly matter and manifestation, or else she was more afraid of ridicule.

I assure you, Reta, that I appreciate the fact that a draft is a draft is a draft.

But if we get ourselves out of the sequel state of thinking, Reta, he can be anything.

Charles Casey will be printed in the same size type as the name Reta Winters, but I am trying not to think what that means.

She introduced herself as the True Voice of the Tree Reta Kasteen and her voice was soft and strangely musical.

Dem Lia noticed that the young Templar, Reta Kasteen, looked visibly thrilled at the prospect.

La retata di droga, a Londra, quando me ne stetti sulla porta della stanza dell'albergo trattenendo i poliziotti con ogni frase mi venisse in mente, mentre mamma mandava l'erba giĆ¹ per lo scarico.