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Answer for the clue "Not any, to the D.A. ", 3 letters:

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NuL is a South African band formed in 1998 by Adriaan Pelzer and Simon Kruger , operating as NuL since 2004. NuL creates Afrikaans EBM / Industrial music , and propagates the free distribution of their music. Apart from conventional CD sales, they distribute ...

Usage examples of nul.

A nul had his own ideas of entertainment, and did not indulge them in public as most biped races were accustomed to.

He took Synvoret and the P-WB nul up to his room and started to propagandize as instructed.

With gloves that seemed to be filled with iron, Nul carefully touched the numb center where the hammerblow had come.

They had been designed by a nul architect on Castacorze, Sector HQ planet, who had seen bipeds only on sense-screens.

He was still a nul, but now through the shapes of his two companions he saw three bipeds talking together.

Terekomy in attendance to show him the things he ought to see, investigated several sub-commissions and visited, with a heavy guard, the curious old ter-restial city of London, where several thousands of bipeds and not a few nul archaeologists still lived.

Advantage had been taken of the natural cover afforded by the ravine, but the threat of discovery by nul reconnaisance forces was comparatively slight.

When a nul says he wants only the truth, he is generally after a confirmatory truth.

Tant de maulx faitz par moyen se grand Roge Saintz simulacres tremper en ardent cierge De frayeur crainte ne verra nul que boge.

It was a four-sided contest, formed by two nuls and two Earthmen: Chav, Synvoret, Rivars, and Gary.

Six hours before the first uterine contraction, use the nul injector to introduce through the anterior abdominal wall into the amniotic fluid the calibrated dose of UNBLAF serum.