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The tonne ( British and SI ; or metric ton (in the United States) is a non-SI metric unit of mass equal to or one megagram (Mg); it is equivalent to approximately pounds , or 0.984 long tons (imperial). Although not part of the SI per se , the tonne is ...

Usage examples of tonne.

To the average Qeng Ho, diamond was simply another allotrope of carbon, cheaply made in tonne lots.

Something near a tonne per second began accumulating over the south pole.

The starship only carried one MSV, which imposed a two hundred and fifty tonne per day restriction.

Every ounce we can pack will bring more profit than a tonne of Hydrogen-3.

Portsmouth, before he transferred here, and hit him like a tonne of cement.

There was debris by the tonne, gas tanks and candlesticks, clothing bags and coconuts, all spilling out into space in a blizzard of frozen air and water and coolant and blood.

She found a slab of marble that looked like it weighed about half a tonne, and began edging sideways towards it.

In the US this would reduce annual carbon emissions by nearly 200 million tonnes -- a bit less than one tonne for every US citizen.

The main goal will be to raise at least a million tonnes of water and similar quantities of metallic ores.

Their two largest landers could hoist a thousand tonnes from surface to orbit.

The main event was on the other side of the world, where the heavy-lifter crews were carving and raising a few million tonnes of seamount and frozen ocean.

Clean nukes had broken up several million tonnes of frozen ocean, but steam above the extraction site was complicating the remainder of the job.

There was an almost bluish color to the sky now, the mists of thousands of tonnes of water and air boiling up, turning the rockpile into a comet.

Diamonds, but each ship was over six hundred meters long, a million tonnes unfueled.

There were ten million tonnes of grain aboard it, enough to sustain Maresk a little while longer.