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Answer for the clue "Seafaring Viking", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word eric

"The Red"

Author Lustbader

Pop singer Burdon

Skater Heiden

Folk singer Andersen

Playwright Bogosian

Rock star Clapton

Lexicographer Partridge

Red navigator

Roberts of "Star 80"

Newsman Sevareid

Rock's Clapton or Carmen

Language maven Partridge

N.F.L.'s Dickerson

Pop music's Clapton or Carmen

Norse mariner

Rock singer Carmen

Davis of baseball

___ the Red

Actor Stoltz

Explorer called "the Red"

Late newsman Sevareid

With 27-Down, old English character actor

___the Red

Famous redhead

Singer Clapton

Satirist Idle

Idle on the screen

Author Ambler

10th-century explorer

Folk singer___Anderson

Dickerson of the N.F.L.

Philosopher Hoffer

Psychiatrist Berne

The Red

Late newscaster Sevareid

Language writer Partridge

Lassie creator Knight

"The True Believer" author Hoffer

Guitarist Clapton

"The Little Mermaid" prince

Late CBS newsman Sevareid

N.H.L.'s Lindros

Slang expert Partridge

Rock's Clapton

Writer Hoffer

Writer Ambler

Idle fellow?

Grid great Dickerson

Speedskater Heiden

Stoltz of "Mask"

Mystery writer Ambler

Speed skater Heiden

Idle in a "circus"

Montross of the N.B.A.

Idle of the Python troupe

Director Rohmer

Pitcher GagnГ©

Olympian Heiden

Bana who played the Incredible Hulk in film

Novelist Ambler

Idle in comedy

N.H.L. star Lindros

Pop singer Carmen

Journalist Sevareid

Clapton who sang "Layla"

Children's author Carle

Hockey star Lindros

"The Little Mermaid" hero

Rocker Clapton

McCormack of "Will & Grace"

Red-haired adventurer

Stoltz of "Pulp Fiction"

N.H.L.'er Nystrom

Actor Bana of "Munich"

House Republican V.I.P. Cantor

Idle of "Life of Brian"

Cartman's first name on "South Park"

N.F.L. Hall-of-Famer Dickerson

Red man?

Prince in "The Little Mermaid"

Attorney General Holder

Greenland colonizer

___ the Midget, regular on "The Howard Stern Show"

Holder in the Obama cabinet

Google executive Schmidt

Clapton of rock

Any of seven Danish kings

"South Park" boy

Comical Idle

"Spamalot" writer Idle

Actor Roberts

___ the Red (Viking explorer)

Spy novelist Ambler

___ Blair, George Orwell's real name

Representative Cantor

Football Hall-of-Famer Dickerson

"True Blood" vampire Northman

Holder of a cabinet position, formerly

___ Holder, first African-American attorney general

Cantor of Congress

Holder of a cabinet position

"Layla" musician Clapton

Hoffer or Holder

Former attorney general Holder

Brother of Donald Trump Jr.

Ivanka's younger brother

___ Church, country singer with the #1 hits "Drink in My Hand" and "Springsteen"

Idle laughter source?

Bana of "Troy"

Country singer Church

Decker or Dickerson of the N.F.L.

With 2-Down, star of 2003's "Hulk"

One of the Trumps

Heiden or Hoffer



Hoffer or Ambler

Leif's father

Greenland explorer

Comic Idle

Author Knight

Ambler or Sevareid

Norse navigator

Leif's dad

Norse explorer

Clapton or Blore

Idle of comedy

Heiden or Lindros of ice sports

Entertainer Idle

Ambler or Knight

Greenland's colonizer

First name in exploration

Lindros of the N.H.L.

Actor Blore

Rock guitarist Clapton

Skater-cyclist Heiden

Viking name

Leif's redheaded sire

Scandinavian navigator

Sevareid or Coates

___ Idle of "Monty Python"

McCormack of "Will & Grace"

___ Blair (George Orwell)

Actor Braeden

Berne or Sevareid

Author Berne

Norwegian navigator

Actor Portman

Fleming of "Rawhide"

One of several Danish kings

Sevareid or Clapton

Pop singer Clapton

Early Norse explorer

___ Blair (Orwell)

Writer Berne

Gold-medalist Heiden

Novelist Van Lustbader

Clapton or Heiden

Skating star Heiden

Viking of fame

With 49 Down, suspense writer

Patron saint of Sweden

Greenland discoverer

Father of Leif

Clapton or Idle

Rock entertainer Clapton

Name of 14 kings of Sweden

Author Hoffer

"Red" explorer

Ambler or Hoffer

Navigator of old

Blore of films


Heiden or Liddell

Porter or Portman

An early Red

Hockey's Lindros

Famed sailor

Portman or Hoffer

Norse name

Colonizer of Greenland

"Red" Viking

Norse redhead

Author Bentley

Author Linklater

Danish kings' name

Author Knight (see 28 Across)

Actor Porter

Blore or Ambler

Viking explorer

Idle or Clapton

Pitcher Show

Word definitions for eric in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Eriach \Er"i*ach\, Eric \Er"ic\, n. [Ir. eiric.] (Old Irish Law) A recompense formerly given by a murderer to the relatives of the murdered person.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A fine paid as compensation for violent crimes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
masc. proper name, from Old Norse Eirikr , literally "honored ruler," from Proto-Germanic *aiza- "honor" + *rik- "ruler" (see regal ). The German form is Erich .

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Eric , stylized as Faust Eric , is the ninth Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett . It was originally published in 1990 as a " Discworld story", in a larger format than the other novels and illustrated by Josh Kirby . It was later reissued as a normal paperback...

Usage examples of eric.

Eric thought they were the same thing, these two, and the old Chinese was the same, doing acupoint massage, and the repair crew passing fiber-optic cable down a manhole from an enormous yellow spool.

These are my captains, Jason Trion, Eric Stromi, Sebastian Asteril, Mark Oberan, Bavin Moresol, Justin Emil and--this is Advisor Barok.

Letters ran into financial trouble a couple of years back, both neoconservative elder Norman Podhoretz and Nation columnist and blogger Eric Alterman rushed to its defense.

As they descended from the plane in Athens, they were met by Eric Boulter, the blind director of foreign-sponsored services for the blind in Greece.

Bob Irwin asked Eric Boulter to come over to the United States for an interview.

Nella lunched with Eric Boulter and Van Wyck Brooks, who brought a lawyer friend along to discuss a counterattack.

It was to Migel that Helen appealed in the festering dispute between Bob Barnett and Eric Boulter over the respective roles of the AFB and the AFOB.

Eric Climer represented humanity and became a worldwide celebrity largely because of a picture showing him with a butterfly on his shoulder.

Mr Lemley addressing Barry and Eric, whose mouths at this point resembled the ever-open splash cupulas of urinals found in the finest hotels in the land.

Reluctantly, Eric set aside his work, wrapping it tightly in a painted doeskin to keep it safe.

They sent their top epidemiologist, Joseph Hillman, to head up the investigation, and Public Health sent Eric Thacker.

Eric joined the stream of humanity descending the steps into the subway, whistling a Bach gigue to purge his brain of any remaining taint of irritation with Professor Levoisier.

If Eric Haile had arrived, she would not be able to see Herbert Whitall alone, but there was a good chance of being able to plant a few well chosen hints.

On the other George Considine, with Miss Whitaker on his left and Eric Haile between her and Lady Dryden.

Eric Haile coming up in support, and the whole party moved back into the room.