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Eide is a Norwegian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Anders Eide , Norwegian cross-country skier Asbjørn Eide , Norwegian human rights scholar Atle Eide , Norwegian businessman Carl-Michael Eide , Norwegian black metal musician Egil Eide ...

Usage examples of eide.

Hans Eide was master and as assistant manager was Erik Bland, son of the chairman of the South Antarctic Whaling Company.

Captain Eide has agreed to release the second officer from all duties to assist you in deciding who you wish to come before you to give evidence.

I found Eide on the bridge and fixed for the inquiry to begin at eleven.

Finally Eide detailed the steps he had taken as Captain to discover what had happened.

You and Captain Eide and my daughter-in-law all take the view it is either suicide or murder.

Captain Eide is about to leave the ship and I shall now remove the radio equipment to the ice.

Gerda and Howe need never have died, and Eide would have joined up with us anyway.

In 1979, Frank married Elaine Eide Moe, of Sacramento, California, who is not only a gourmet cook but an active jazz band pianist.

CHAPTER 10 The Blood of the Lambs Sometime between the late night of Friday the thirteenth in March of 1987 and midmorning of Saturday, March 14, thirty-year-old Nancy Newman and her two daughters, eight year-old Melissa and three-year-old Angie, were sexually assaulted and murdered in their own apartment on Eide Street in Anchorage, Alaska, in one of the cruelest and most brutal crimes the investigators had ever seen.