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Answer for the clue "Barbigerous ", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word hirsute

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WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar" [syn: hairy ] [ant: hairless ]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"hairy," 1620s, from Latin hirsutus "rough, shaggy, bristly," figuratively "rude, unpolished," related to hirtus "shaggy," and possibly to horrere "to bristle with fear," from PIE *ghers-tu- , from root *ghers- "to bristle" (see horror ).

Usage examples of hirsute.

Among the ambitions she shared with Leie was to build a hall of their own, where she might yet learn what delights were possibleunlikely as it seemedin mingling her body with one such as those, so hirsute and huge.

His face, hirsute yet full of that strange masculine intelligence, seemed to concentrate on a thought, tracking it intensely.

Charl, a stout, somewhat hirsute sailor from the far northwest, managed to use a long pole to snag the cable hanging below the locked winch mechanism.

But he had retained the hirsute body-covering and massiveness of his normal bear shape.

Their squat, hirsute bodies were clad in practical clothing devoid of adornment.

Bili departed abovestairs, Prince Byruhn quickly closeted himself with the grizzled old count and the hirsute hominid within a small, thick-walled study, the door of which was not only closed and heavily barred, but now guarded with bared and shining blades by the two northern noblemen.

After a tentative sip or two, he drained a deep draft from the now-heated mixture of beer and herbs, wiped off his drooping mustache with a characteristic swipe of his hirsute hand, then set down the tankard and returned to his figures and figurings.

The other hirsute gnoll regained its feet, but its crooked stance betrayed that it was obviously quite hurt.

Huge, hirsute footmen surged around a pair of mounted combatants, attempting to bring them down.

Raising himself up, Simna had his hirsute nurse place him on the ground.

One storefront they passed had a pair of enormous, hirsute hogs roped to a trough at which they rooted ferociously.

Tired as he was, Ehomba was in complete agreement with his hirsute crony.

The hirsute hulk had his head tilted back while he squinted at the sky.

Raising one hand, the sovereign warlock threw a crackling, virulent green sphere at the hulking hirsute figure.

N Diurnal Large, thin, hirsute apelike creatures with round feet and hairy snouts, they live in volcanic caverns under cold, high mountains and think a lot.