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Answer for the clue "Go on a diet ", 4 letters:

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The term Bant may be in reference to: Bant , town in Flevoland, the Netherlands Bant, the diminutive of banter Bant community , community in Karnataka, India Bant, one of the planes from the Shards of Alara block in Magic: the Gathering BANT - Budget Authority ...

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n. (cx slang English) banter

Usage examples of bant.

Banting and Best took the crucial step of tying off the pancreatic duct in a living animal and waiting seven weeks before killing the animal and trying to extract the hormone from its pancreas.

In a country where old lard tbefur trade: Banting, in letter pails: Graham Rowley, quoted in to O.

Only at night, when she sat with ancient Bant in his little metalwork room, did she feel she was making any progress in her life.

I was not well up in medical discoveries, but everybody knew about insulin and how Banting and Best evolved it in a shed on the Toronto campus.

For, standing upon their reputation and liberty, they ruffle and roist it out, exceeding in apparel, and banting riotous company which draweth them from their books unto another trade), and for excuse, when they are charged with breach of all good order, think it sufficient to say that they be gentlemen, which grieveth many not a little.