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Answer for the clue "Where the Tagus flows", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word spain

1982 World Cup site

Onetime colonial power

Part of Iberia

Canaries' owner

Toledo's location

Cape Trafalgar site

U.S. foe of 1898

Sierra Nevada's location

Home of the Alhambra

Cervantes's land

NATO member since 1982

Where Rioja wine comes from

Onetime colonial power in the Philippines

Barcelona's land

Financial backer for Magellan

"Carmen" setting

4,200 feet, for the Golden Gate Bridge

A parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula

A former colonial power

Welty's "Music from ___"

Where Avila is

Juan Carlos's realm

Host of the 1992 summer Olympics

Land of paella

Dali's homeland

Oviedo is here

Figaro's land

Andalusia's locale

Land of La Mancha

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" setting

Most of Iberia

Cádiz's country

Castles country?

Escorial's country

Home of many ancient Celts

Iberian Peninsula country

Barcelona's home

Land of the paella

Whence Cugat came

Iberian nation

Home of Galicia

Hard word for Eliza Doolittle

Costa Brava is here

Eliza's rainy land

Malaga wine country

Where the Ebro flows

Whence sherry comes

Sixteenth-century power

"The Rain in ___"

Word definitions for spain in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
c.1200, from Anglo-French Espayne , from Late Latin Spania , from Latin Hispania (see Spaniard ). The usual Old English form was Ispania .

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Spain (; ), officially the Kingdom of Spain , is a sovereign state largely located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe , with archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea , and several small territories on and near the North African...

Usage examples of spain.

The Pleiades were all abuzz over the advent of their visiting star, Miss Frances Homer, the celebrated monologuist, who, at Eaton Auditorium, again presented her Women of Destiny series, in which she portrays women of history and the influence they brought to bear upon the lives of such momentous world figures as Napoleon, Ferdinand of Spain, Horatio Nelson and Shakespeare.

He still kept his army in Spain, and this proceeding determined Portugal to accede to some slight alterations in the first treaty.

It has been said that at the interview at Erfurt Bonaparte consented to the usurpation of that province by Alexander in return for the complaisance of the latter in acknowledging Joseph as King of Spain and the Indies.

In Spain any actress who shews her drawers on the stage is liable to a fine of a crown.

The title Adelantado was given in Spain to the military and political governors of border provinces.

If I had been born in Spain I should be noble, but as it is I adore you, and I hope you will make me happy.

Spain against the emperor in Italy, so as to aggrandize the house of Bourbon.

Above eighty gun-boats and bomb-ketches were to second the operations of the floating batteries, together with a multitude of frigates and smaller vessels, while the combined fleets of France and Spain amounting to fifty sail of the line, were to cover and support the attack.

The speech also informed the house that her majesty had ordered the return of her minister to the court of Persia, and announced that the differences which had arisen between Spain and Portugal about the execution of a treaty concluded by those powers in 1835, for regulating the navigation of the Douro had been amicably adjusted.

She had come to Spain on a whim not knowing really where Spain was, with a bloke of course Aquarians had a great need to give and receive love, repeated studies had proved it.

No king of Spain had ever yet been found to dare violate the constitution and the fueros of Aragon, the independence of their cortes, or parliament, composed of the four orders of the State.

A novel and important question, involving the extent of the maritime jurisdiction of Spain in the waters which surround the island of Cuba, has been debated without reaching an agreement, and it is proposed, in an amicable spirit, to refer it to the arbitrament of a friendly power.

The capital city of New Castile, Spain, with an archbishopric and primacy.

There was so much of her, such incredibly long legs, such an extreme flow of line and volume, Beheim became entranced by the exaggerated perspectives available, gazing up at the equatorial swell of her belly toward the flattened mounds of her breasts with their dark oases of areola and turreted nipples, or down from her breasts toward the unruly pubic tuft between her thighs, in all reminding him by its smoothness of the sand sculpture of a sleeping giantess he had seen years before on a beach in Spain.

That disease is so chronic in Spain that it threatens to overthrow the monarchy some day, and I should not be astonished if one fine morning the Grand Inquisitor was to have the king shaved, and to take his place.