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Poiré as a surname may refer to: Alain Poiré (1917–2000), French film producer Alfonso L. Poiré (1963- ), California attorney Emmanuel Poiré, or Caran d'Ache (1858–1909), French satirist Jean Poiret , born Jean Poiré (1926–1992), French actor and director...

Usage examples of poire.

Paris, where Dan had been called to handle a sudden emergency for his biggest client, Poire Gillaud.

Bertrand Gillaud, one of the two brothers who controlled the firm, took time to personally escort me on a tour through Poire Gillaud, I got the distinct impression he was preoccupied and nervous about his meeting with Dan.

Afterward, he gallantly presented me with a special Lalique crystal pear-shaped flacon of La Poire, capped with a pav6 diamond stem and leaves.

Dan and I consumed a large quantity of champagne and experimented with the erotic effects of La Poire upon various areas of the anatomy.

Dan confided why he had been summoned to Poire Gillaud at this specific time.

Someone had stolen half the formula for La Poire, which had been divided and secreted in two separate locations for safety.

I frankly had very little interest in whether the purity of La Poire remained unsullied or not.

I was clutching a damp, empty glass in my right, and when she got a load of the Poire Gillaud ring, I was frankly surprised to see it was still there when she let go.

For instance, Bertrand and his brother each had half of the formula for La Poire, and neither of them knew where the other was kept.

La Poire spray they could sell for twenty-five bucks a bottle and still clear a huge profit.

After all, nobody was likely to call up Poire Gillaud and question them.

I belatedly remembered, genuine La Poire was the only fragrance she ever wore.

Dan had tolerated it because he suspected some connection with the theft at Poire Gillaud the moment I told him about her.

So frequently Philippe, with the door key, much later than this, would go in to fined one of them, Hans or Poire, dozing on the wooden seat in the hallway.

Inside the condo Jesse poured them each a Poire Williams and they stood at the glass slider and looked out past his deck at the dark harbor.