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Answer for the clue "R.A.F. underling, informally ", 3 letters:

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Etymology 1 n. (context British slang English) a member of the groundcrew in the RAF. Etymology 2 interj. Expressing trepidation; eek.

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Erk or ERK may refer to:

Usage examples of erk.

She knew both Erk and Pleth well and knew they were talking over the open channel just so she would butt in.

And because duty there was so boring, commanders turned a deaf ear to the shenanigans of hotshots like Erk and his wingmate when they violated military protocol.

And then, as if even the weather were allied with the invaders, the dust storm had started up again, and Odie and Erk had been forced to find precarious shelter.

Dimly, Erk was aware that there was no such creature native to Praesitlyn, but here it was anyway.

As it threw back its head to swallow the limb, Erk drew his sidearm with his last remaining strength and fired.

At those times the tactical communications net came alive with reports and orders, and both Erk and Odie became fully alert, but once the shooting died down they took turns trying to catch some sleep.

Odie had taught Erk enough about their weapon that he could operate it by himself and deliver immediate fire if anything moved in their sector.

Odie screamed, but Erk just shook his head as if she were an annoying insect and kept on firing.

He looked at her in the strobing light of the barrage, then at Erk, lying on his back beside her.

She could see Erk in the cockpit giving the thumbs-up sign and smiling broadly.

Raders asked, running up to where Odie stood and looking up at Erk in his cockpit.

It was then that he noticed Odie standing with Erk and the two guards.