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Answer for the clue "Cluck of disapproval", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tch

Exclamation of disgust

Mild exclamation of censure

For shame!

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interj. a representation of the dental click used to show disapproval; tut

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TCH may refer to: Toronto Community Housing Licence plate code for Chad Toyota Camry Hybrid TCH (chemotherapy) , a chemotherapy regimen Thomas Crosbie Holdings , Irish media group Trans-Canada Highway IATA code for Tchibanga Airport The International Olympic...

Usage examples of tch.

Then, instead of going back to the ,y chair, she sat cross-legged on the floor ifront of the couch, and silently and sulkily tched the screen.

After which, in a little house close by the more solid building in which Sulla lived, he hovered anxiously between cauldrons and toiling scrapers, insisting upon personally inspecting every carcass and every kidney, insisting that he personally test the temperature of all the water, measuring meticulously and driving the servants to the point of exasperation with his fusses and clucks and tches.