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Answer for the clue "Capital of Japan, to Commodore Perry", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word edo

Tokyo, once

Conductor de Waart

Tokugawa shogunate capital

Shogun's capital

Tokyo of yore

Old Tokyo

Tokyo, formerly

Nigerian language

Japan's capital, formerly

Former name of Tokyo

Tokyo, to shoguns

Old name for Tokyo

Shogunate headquarters

Tokyo, to the shoguns

Tokyo before 1868

19th-century samurai home

Maestro ___ de Waart

Japanese historical period from the 17th to 19th centuries

Last shogunate capital

___ Period, depicted in "The Last Samurai"

Japan's medieval ___ Castle

Tokyo of old

Japan's ___-Tokyo Museum

Nigerian native or language

Shogun capital

___-Tokyo Museum

Old Far Eastern capital

Shogunate capital

Pre-1868 Tokyo

Capital until 1868

Old Asian capital

Tokyo's ___ Castle

Samurai's home

Japan's ___ Period (1603-1867)

___ Period (part of Japanese history)

Tokyo's former name

River bordering Tokyo

Japan's ___ Castle

___ Period, 1603-1868

Honshu's ___ River

___ Period (time in Japanese history)

The economic and cultural center of Japan

The capital and largest city of Japan

Nigerian from Benin

Benin native

Nigerian native

Nigerian native or tongue

Tokyo of shoguns' era

S Nigerian native

Kwa language

Tokyo's one-time name

Native of Benin

Former name for Tokyo

Backward poem from Tokyo?

___ de Waart, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conductor

Nipponese capital, once

A people of Nigeria

Tribe of Nigeria

Ancient Tokyo

Nigerian tribe

Nigerian people

Old name of Tokyo

Tokyo's old name

Shogun's Tokyo

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Edo or EDO may refer to:

Usage examples of edo.

In the process, the Hayashi family, in the generations after Razan, became securely fixed as the official Confucian advisers to the shogunate and the hereditary heads of a Confucian academy in Edo.

Of samurai origin, Soko earned a reputation as a brilliant scholar, delving into such varied subjects as Shinto, Buddhism, and Japanese poetry, as well as Confucianism, which he studied in Edo under Hayashi Razan.

Ito Genboku, a physician sentenced to lifetime custodianship of Edo Morgue as punishment for practicing forbidden foreign science.

Ito, once esteemed physician to the imperial family, had been discovered, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to lifelong custodianship of Edo Morgue.

I left Edo, Aric was planning to take the fueler and go look for our father.

Sick with guilt, Lady Niu had him returned to Edo, where she struggled valiantly to tame his wild spirit.

Maybe she had been sold and now sat in one of the lath cages in the maze of brothels back in Edo, but Hanshiro doubted it.

At our research station, away from Edo, the company maintains radiometers, photometers, photo-polarimeters, cameras.

Almost exactly the same time the skitter was due back from Edo, assuming the desk pilots there had been halfway efficient at pulling up Quinn's orders.

In 1617, a year after the Shogun's death, a feudal lord in Edo petitioned the Tokugawa government to allow him to create a sanctioned area within the city for baishun.

At the back of the bay she could see the EDO wafer, the extended-duration pallet with its supplement of lox and liquid hydrogen for the orbiter's fuel cells, which would allow Columbia to stretch out this mission to sixteen days.

On the trail of the Kaiten Project, he impersonates an engineer to gain access to Edo City.

Resembles Hanamura in face and body, so Hanamura impersonates him to gaim access to Edo City and find the blueprints that show the underground tunnel.

When Akiko Ofuda saw Nicholas walk in through Jan Jan's high Edo period portals she turned her head partly away into the shadows.

Edo period ukiyo-e prints by Hiro-shige, the master of rain, Hokusai, the master of the countryside, and Kuniyoshi, the master of Japanese myth, hung on the walls.