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Word definitions for acoustical in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Acoustical \A*cous"tic*al\, a. Of or pertaining to acoustics.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. Of or pertaining to hearing or acoustics.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. of or relating to the science of acoustics; "acoustic properties of a hall" [syn: acoustic ]

Usage examples of acoustical.

Photographs were taken of equipment suspected of being used for acoustical surveillance and of the antenna field and ionospheric laboratory that had likely been used for eavesdropping.

It could identify ships by name from their individual acoustical signatures, much as one could identify the finger or voiceprints of a human.

Each floor was one big room, the nondenominational Office: a three-dimensional grid bounded below by a plane of thin nylon carpet, two meters above by a parallel plane of pale acoustical tile.

At such ranges acoustical signals lost definition, to the point that their bearing to target was only a rough estimate.

As the floe migrated through the Arctic Sea, like a ghost ship adrift and lost, the polar spies used advanced acoustical equipment to detect hostile subs, while special antennas and receivers eavesdropped on the other side.

Two of our oceanographic ships were conducting subbottom profiling and underwater acoustical tests in the Kurile Trench off Japan when their instruments detected the sound of a vessel traveling at a high rate of speed in very deep water.

The acoustical tile on the ceiling was gone, wires hung down and the floor was a frozen black sea of paper, trash and chunks of debris.

Swathed in degraded mourning garments, frames, which only a little while before were scrap iron and then, resurrected as skeletons, were invested with noisy or soundless mechanisms and submitted to various mechanical and acoustical tests, now stand in weeping circles on the bare-scraped floor.

By 1973, both the Americans and the Soviets were far along in their mind-control applications, using technology such as pulsed microwave audiograms and acoustical telemetry to create voices in a subject's mind, or erase his mind completely.

Most sonar scanning was done visually-the on-board computers converted acoustical signals into a display on TV type tubes that looked most of all like some sort of arcade game.

A lowered ceiling of acoustical tile on tracks, concealing a crawl space and probably electrical conduits.

The Paradise was a typical New York coffeehouse: Formica tables, Naugahyde benches, an acoustical drop ceiling, water-stained in the corners.

While all sorts of creative people ought to participate in conjecture about possible futures, they should have immediate access--in person or via telecommunications--to technical specialists, from acoustical engineers to zoologists, who could indicate when a suggestion is technically impossible (bearing in mind that even impossibility is often temporary).

He bought wire cutters, safety goggles, magnetic shielding strips, a glass cutter, rubber gloves, a 10-gauge shotgun, a hundred rounds of double-aught buckshot, a box of industrial dynamite, three hundred yards of acoustical baffling, a hammer, nails and two large duffel bags.

It changed acoustical conditions drastically and, Ricks judged, should eliminate any chance that the Akula had him.