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Answer for the clue "Town on the Adriatic ", 4 letters:

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Fano is a town and comune of the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the Marche region of Italy . It is a beach resort southeast of Pesaro , located where the Via Flaminia reaches the Adriatic Sea . It is the third city in the region by population after Ancona ...

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n. A non-singular complete algebraic variety whose anticanonical bundle is ample.

Usage examples of fano.

The duke learned the news of this decision, so much desired, when he arrived at Fano on the 20th of December 1502.

Ilona and the president followed them as fanos led Stoner to the rear of the lodge and down a flight of metal stairs to a concrete-walled basement Overhead fluorescents flickered on automatically, triggered by the heat of their bodies.

Behind him came Zoltan fanos, his antiquated business suit still buttoned tightly across his stocky torso, his round bearded face staring in awe at the huge bubbling vat that simmered and steamed almost within arm's reach of the catwalk.