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Answer for the clue "Isle of Man's northern point ", 4 letters:

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Ayre is one of the six sheadings (governmental subdivisions) in the Isle of Man. Ayre may also refer to:

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Etymology 1 n. A narrow bar of sand or gravel formed by the sea; a sandbank. Etymology 2 n. (context archaic English) air.

Usage examples of ayre.

But such was my agility, not to get me any prayse, but rather for feare: at that time I remembered with my selfe, that the valiant Horse Pegasus did fly in the ayre more to avoyd the danger of dreadful Chimera, then for any thing else.

In this sort I was houlden in an intrycate minde of doubts, at length ouercome withall kinde of greefes, my whole bodye trembling and languishinge vnder a broade and mightye Oke full of Acornes, standing in the middest of a spatious and large green meade, extending forth his thicke and leauie armes to make a coole shadowe, vnder whose bodye breathing I rested my selfe vppon the deawye hearbes, and lying vppon my left syde I drewe my breath in the freshe ayre more shortly betwixt my drye and wrinckled lips, then the weary running heart, pinched in the haunche and struck in the brest, not able any longer to beare vp his weighty head, or sustaine his body vpon his bowing knees, but dying prostrates himselfe.

Mountaines lifted vp themselues, afterwarde continuing to abrupt and wilesome hilly places, full of broken and nybled stones, mounting vppe into the ayre, as high as a man might looke to, and without any greene grasse or hearbe, and there were hewen out the three gates, in the verie rocke it selfe, euen as plaine as might be.

And it did so increase in mee more and more, that I knew not wherewithal I might bridle and restraine my selfe from catching of one of them, like an eager and hotte Falcon comming downe out of the ayre, vpon a couie of Partriges.

The document on which this assumption was based was a manuscript mappemonde in the British Museum, in which, on the north-west corner of a country which could be shown beyond all question to be Australia, stood a legend in Portuguese to the following effect: Nuca Antara was discovered in the year 1601 by Manoel Godinho de Eredia, by command of the Viceroy Ayres de Saldanha.

Ayres de Saldanha: Godinho de Eredia discovered Nuca Antara by command of the Viceroy.

The rest of hir long spreding hayre was not seene, but couered ouer with a thinne vayle, edged with gould, hanging downe from the said flower and knot of pearle, to hir delicate shoulders, and flingering abroade with the ayre.

These beeing come ouer with an obscure and foggy close ayre, with many losses and a grieuous voyage, they beginne to remember what they haue past and lost: for the more that the compasse of the reuolucion, draweth neere to the discouerie of the Figure of the Center, the sooner they are passed ouer, styll shorter and shorter, and the more swyfter the course of the streame is into the deuouring swallow of the Center.

Phoebe Ayres, the name of my tutoress elect, to whose care and instructions I was affectionately recommended.

And so in like manner the coloured vpper seeling was pure and voyd of Spiders and Cobwebs, by reason of the continuall fresh ayre both entring in and going out.

The lower taking light from the higher, and the higher from the catabasse or lower with their opposite reflexions shewing a maruellous faire light, they were so fitly disposed by the calculate rule of the artificious Mathematrician, to the Orientall Meridionall and Occidentall partes of the ayre, that euery houre of the day the sunne shined in, and gaue light to the whole scale, the same loopes or windolets in diuerse places symmetrially and definitely dispersed and set.

Verye thirstie I was, my clothes torne, my face and hands scratched and netteled, and withall so extreamely set on heate, as the fresh ayre seemed to doe me more hurt then good, neither did it any waye ease my body, desirous to keepe his new recouered scope and libertie.

In this fayre countrie you shall not finde any large fennie groundes, or offensiue and sicklye ayres, or craggie and fertlesse mosses, but faire and pleasaunt hilles, inuironed and walled about with steip and vnpassageable rockes, and by meanes thereof, secure and free from all daungers and feare, we want not any thing which may breed delight, and cause a sweete content.

Gelinsky and Ayres had already been underwhelmed by the significance of a cake as a threat.

Galan and Espinosa returned to Asuncion, taking with them the remainder of the inhabitants of Buenos Ayres.