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Answer for the clue "Give birth to a lamb ", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ean

Usage examples of ean.

The problem was, there were forty people left in Ban Ean after the bishop took his chosen companions off to Rome, and there was only one of her.

Perhaps this man was sent to protect Ban Ean from these northern barbarians.

Brian-na daughter of Colum the abbot of Ban Ean, granddaughter of Brian, bishop of Nariade.

It was safer for him to be so, for even the gentle people of Ban Ean sometimes mocked and mistreated him, thinking their actions no more than small jokes.

Armagh or Iona, Ban Ean is not a small monastery despite how it looks at the moment.

It was the house of a scholar, like many another house in Ban Ean, but also the home of a druid and a mage-healer.

There were many men in Ban Ean and she had helped nurse most of them through fevers and such since she was a little girl.

Ban Ean without any thought to gathering anything but the shreds of her self-control.

What had she unleashed on Ban Ean, and herself, when she brought this man into her world?

The world around them was pewter gray, the familiar buildings of Ban Ean were unrecognizable in the thick morning mist.

It seems the invaders went many miles north of Ban Ean before striking again.

Dillon added, as though anyone from Ban Ean might be confused about which holy brothers they mEant.

I have to raid Ban Ean with all my men and burn the place to the ground.

They would, he knew, and the prosperous settlement of Ban Ean would be their target, but he thought the village was safe for a few days yet.

Since he dwells peacefully among the people of Ban Ean, I can no longer call myself the king of Ban Ean.