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Answer for the clue "Metric unit of wt.", 3 letters:

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GRM can refer to: Garry Rogers Motorsport , an Australian V8 Supercar motor racing team Grassroots Motorsports , a racing magazine Gross Rent Multiplier , a real estate concept Groupe de Recherches Musicales

Usage examples of grm.

I could throw Grm back by myself, if I had to, Semirame said with a sniff.

Semirame had caught up to Grm and her halt was so abrupt that Thian walked into her.

Still groggy with insufficient sleep, Sam and Grm found themselves on Earth, in Blundell.

Then, exchanging a glance with Grm, Weiman excused himself from the lounge.

Semirame had sent men trotting on ahead of the adventurous Grm, whose short legs could not match the jog trot of the marines.