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Answer for the clue "High-grade wool ", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word delaine

Word definitions for delaine in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Delaine \De*laine"\, n. [See Muslin delaine, under Muslin .] A kind of fabric for women's dresses.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A kind of fabric for women's dresses.

Usage examples of delaine.

Ron Delaine lay on the floor, facedown, fresh blood circling his head like a sticky red halo.

Delaine had heard an odd noise and Delaine had gone outside to check on things while he looked around inside.

When Scotty Joe went back into the main room that houses all the exercise equipment, he saw Delaine lying there on the floor, and before he knew what was happening, somebody shot at him.

Scotty Joe figures the guy must have gotten the drop on Delaine while he was outside and forced him back into the building.

Lizy had on her best muslin delaine dress, her best embroidered pantalets, her black silk apron, and her flat straw hat with long blue ribbon streamers.

She forgot to swing her muslin delaine skirts gracefully, and flounced along hitting the dusty meadowsweet bushes.

She tore a three-cornered place in her best muslin delaine, getting over the wall.

Lizy looked like a wilted meadow reed, the blue streamers on her hat drooped dejectedly, her best shoes were all dusty, and the three-cornered rent was the feature of her best muslin delaine dress that one saw first.

Jonesville Depot in good sperits and a barege delaine dress, cream color, and a hat of the same.

Challoner said to be sure it was a pity Miss Delaine was to be of the party, but was immediately cheered by the reflection that Sophia would be accompanied by the two Misses Matcham.

Cricket gestured to the practical brown dress made of muslin delaine, a soft, lightweight wool.

And the mornin' we started she met us at the Jonesville Depot in good sperits and a barege delaine dress, cream color, and a hat of the same.

Aurora Delaine, nineteen, was charged with feloniously stealing and conveying certain articles, the property of the Universal Stores, to wit thirty-five yards of bock muslin, ten pairs of gloves, a sponge, two gimlets, five jars of cold cream, a copy of the Clergy List, three hat-guards, a mariner’s compass, a box of drawing-pins, an egg-breaker, six blouses, and a cabman’s whistle.