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Answer for the clue "Uses a telescope ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of gaze English)

Usage examples of gazes.

Alyssum House is prized for its modesty, but I have never seen any of the Night Court maintain a more trembling decorum than these two, who kept their gazes steadily downcast as they guided me inside.

Necthana took one lurching step forward, locking gazes with the Master of the Straits.

Their gazes had locked for one brief instant, and then he had turned away, feeling as though he had left a vital part of himself behind.

I watched their faces when we were announced and saw who smiled, whose gazes slid away to make contact with others, communicating silently.

Drustan mab Necthana took one lurching step forward, locking gazes with the Master of the Straits.

They turned their gazes upon the young widow, and Aislinn recognized her own mauve gunna adorning her frame.

Seating himself at his usual place, he returned their gazes as he fingered his jaw and then waggled it as if testing its working.

The agent nodded in greeting as their gazes met, and Shanna coolly returned a smile.

The room seemed to be getting smaller with discreet gazes turned her way.

They kept a wide berth around the ballroom, their gazes drifting on the dance ending below.

There were a few tentative gazes, but Montgomerie pride proved too mule-headed.

Lady Athelridge and Lady Sutton shared gazes of condescension with each other.

Sera flashed on all the private gazes Gabriel and Dunstan had shared with this woman.

As on each occasion their gazes locked, he felt slightly off-balance, a puzzling phenomenon he neither understood nor liked.

Their gazes met, and her breath caught at the fiery desire burning in his eyes.