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Answer for the clue "Iberian unit of length ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word vara

Word definitions for vara in dictionaries

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a Spanish unit of length (about a yard) having different values in different localities

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The Vara is a river of the Province of La Spezia in Liguria , north-west Italy .

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. yard (unit of length).

Usage examples of vara.

I should send Vara Liso with you on your rounds now, just to refine the hunt.

Yet Vara Liso kept something to herself, something that did not fit somehow.

Dahl because of an unexplained hunch that there were more candidates there than elsewhere on Tranter, and that was where Vara Liso had tossed and turned one night in a dingy hotel room, gathering in her web, and bringing back the biggest catch ever.

Stettin had maintained that killing Vara Liso was the only safe option.

Greys in between, when Vara Liso suddenly swiveled on her seat and stared directly at Klia.

Klia felt the touch in her mind very strongly, rebuffed it, almost literally pushed the intruder out of her mindand made Vara Liso jerk on the cart as if stung.

But the crowds of Greys were becoming uncharacteristically agitated by this going to and fro of Vara Liso and her Imperial Specials.

The internal reports from the Imperial Specials confirmed that they had not captured Lodovik, and that Vara Liso had been very upset.

For a moment, facing what might be her doom, Vara was smitten by this paradoxical combination of bull strength and attractive boyishness.

Klia any more deeply than the mentalic shock wave surrounding Vara Liso.

She felt the echoes of her own life, her own experiences, mesh with those of Vara Liso.

She saw the strength of her own will, opposed to the vacillation and indecision of Vara Liso.

It was concentrating, and even though it suddenly diminished by half, what Vara Liso was throwing directly at Klia doubled in strength.

He shifted his attention to the magnified image of the stocky man holding the body of Vara Liso.

They had heard this much in the official newsthe assassination of Farad Sinter, and the unexplained death of Vara Liso, identified as the woman Sinter had placed in charge of many of the searches that had prompted rioting in Dahl, the Agora of Vendors, and elsewhere.