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Answer for the clue "Entertainment industry initials", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word mca

Media company inits.

Former name of Universal Studios

1990 Matsushita acquisition

Big inits. in records

Major record label

Elton John's longtime label

Co. that bought Motown in 1988

Universal Studios record label

1988 purchaser of Motown

Longtime record label

Longtime Elton John label

Pop record label

1988 buyer of Motown Records

Michelangelo's field

Record co. that bought Motown in 1988

___ Records (old music label)

___ Nashville Records

Old record label

Longtime record label for Elton John

Universal Studios, formerly

___ Nashville (major country label)

Universal Studios company

Show-business initials

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init. A master in computer science and application.

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MCA may refer to:

Usage examples of mca.

At the podium, a former A&R man from MCA is telling a humorous anecdote about Jimmy blasting a mixing board with an Uzi during the recording of A Painful Burning Sensation.