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Answer for the clue "Oil or grease: Abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word lub

Friction reducer: Abbr.

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Lub may refer to: Supremum , least upper bound Lub, Oman Liga Uruguaya de Basketball (LUB)

Usage examples of lub.

Made up of ligaments and cartilage, joints are well lubed to keep your bones moving smoothly.

By keeping the joints lubed, you experience less friction, less grinding, and less pain as you age.

I need a guy to keep my junketeers lubed up and laughing, so they’ll lose more money and juke up my kickbacks.

He is the lub, the lubber fiend, and sometimes he plays at being the nut-brown house-sprite for whom a bowl of milk is left outside the door, although, if you want to be rid of him, you must leave him a pair of trousers.

His fingers were still slippery from lubing his own cock and he easily pressed one past the muscle that guarded her anus.

He happily complied, lubing up his stiffy and climbing into bed behind me.

Sandy fully expected him to be gone when it died out, disintegrated or perhaps teleported to a galaxy far, far away where he'd spend the rest of his life lubing X-wing fighters or maybe polishing Darth Vader's shiny black ass.

Kid would pump gas when someone came, but mostly he was dicking around in one of the bays, lubing a car or something.