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Answer for the clue "Shunt ", 6 letters:

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v. turn aside; turn away from [syn: deviate ] send on a course or in a direction different from the planned or intended one occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion; "The play amused the ladies" [syn: amuse , disport ] withdraw (money) and ...

Usage examples of divert.

The missiles, like the pinnaces, could be recovered after the completion of their mission, or diverted to other targets, like the merchant vessels that were accelerating madly in an effort to clear the system before Chenforce destroyed them.

Tamarina was returning to Algor and diverted her to their own world, widening the wedge a little further.

In these memorable crusades, a fleet and army of French and Venetians were diverted from Syria to the Thracian Bosphorus: they assaulted the capital, they subverted the Greek monarchy: and a dynasty of Latin princes was seated near threescore years on the throne of Constantine.

A month later, after press revelations that the Atlanta branch of the Italian Banco Nazionale del Lavoro had helped Iraq divert massive amounts of U.

Because the noble rewards and the consideration which former times bestowed on learning are to-day diverted to baser pursuits!

It took Admiral Beagle twenty minutes to negotiate the mile to the resort, and when he came up the last hill, his case a heavy weight in his hand, his heart and lungs and legs all feeling strain, for the moment his attention was diverted from thoughts of redress and retribution.

As a flash of emotion akin to jealousy came to life inside him, Benedict quickly diverted his gaze elsewhere.

Her eyes had a blindish look as if she were trying to divert her mind from some fear by nursing a hope or a memory.

Returning to his path and taking up the quest again, Bozo was a second time diverted from his goal, however briefly, when a herd of vanth galloped across his way.

There, no doubt, they tread on rugs from Teheran and are diverted by the bulbul and play upon the dulcimer and feed upon sweetmeats.

Turkish frontier, but the government is making great efforts to divert the trade to Varna and Burgas, and important harbour works have been carried out at both these ports.

Seeing that the higher we mount in knowledge the more wonders we behold, he imagined that Nature not only worked miracles in her ordinary course, but that she might, by the cabala of some master soul, be diverted from that course itself.

I was certain of success, as he could not see the ends of the pike without twisting his head, and I saw no reason why he should divert his gaze from the plate, which he had enough to do to carry evenly.

I saw that I could neither avoid her nor repulse her without inhumanity, so I called to Rigerboos to come upstairs and the girl would divert us by recounting the history of her life.

Her thinness and her tawny skin could not divert my attention from other still less pleasing features about her.