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Answer for the clue "U.S. Chief Justice, 1936-65", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word taney

Dred Scott Justice

Chief Justice after Marshall

Chief Justice in the Dred Scott case

Chief justice during the Civil War

Chief justice in the Dred Scott verdict

American jurist who served as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Remembered for his ruling that slaves and their descendants have no rights as citizens

Chief Justice: 1836–64

Dred Scott decision Justice

Judge for Dred Scott

Famed jurist

C.J. after Marshall

Jurist Roger Brooke ___

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Population (2000): 39703 Housing Units (2000): 19688 Land area (2000): 632.355777 sq. miles (1637.793873 sq. km) Water area (2000): 19.120854 sq. miles (49.522782 sq. km) Total area (2000): 651.476631 sq. miles (1687.316655 sq. km) Located within: Missouri...

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Taney may refer to: Taney Parish , a Church of Ireland community in south Dublin, Ireland Taney County, Missouri , United States USCGC Taney (WHEC-37) , a United States Coast Guard cutter Roger B. Taney (1777–1864), U.S. Attorney General and Chief Justice...

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And if we 't blown most of the twentieth century on fascism and communism and the rest of the ism bullshit, maybe we tiM have built something decent, and besides, no matter at Taney says, Art Nouveau was the last really truly looking graphic-art movement.

Taney was several years older than the Constitution, whose interpreter he had been for a quarter century, as the fifth Chief Justice of the United States.