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Answer for the clue "River sight ", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ait

Usage examples of ait.

And every year, on the feast of First God Ait, Jair had offered up another thousand bars of gold.

First God Ait be-neath his boots, and he glared at the still-drugged trio of nurses.

Coudrier si le proces en ce moment pendant est fonde, il y ait une tache sur son blason.

Ai-Ete, or Ai-Ata, was the region of Ait, the Deity to whom it was sacred.

Comme le baron ne repondait pas, elle insista: --Pensez-vous que telle ait ete son esperance?

For awm nooan badly off nah awm sure, For awve plenty to ait an to sup.

If aw fan misen teed to a thing, At could work, ait an live, withaat brains.

Beyond such important but necessarily impersonal concerns, I would venture to remind you that just as you lost a sworn man in Aiten, I lost a scholar in Geris, a man of much learning who might have aided us both against this threat, though of course, nothing outweighs the loss of both their lives.

On that subject may I assure you that there can be no shame or blame attached to your man Aiten for his attack on my mage Shivvalan.

Everyone had told a story about Aiten and some of them even stayed funny when I recalled them sober.

Tell me, has he got some other poor bastard leashed in to replace Aiten yet?

It certainly made no odds as far as my oath to Aiten was concerned, I reminded myself.

I felt a sudden familiar pang of loss, missing having Aiten waiting in a doorway for me, watching my back before taking his turn with the questions and chat while I looked out for anyone taking too much interest in him.

I started slightly when Grival took a washcloth to my back but reminded myself of all the times Aiten and I had done each other such a service.

Apprehension warred with a sudden, iron determination to find out what that precious pair were up to, but I locked the warning away in the back of my mind, dimly thinking how Aiten would have mocked such uncharacteristic behavior but dismissing the notion.