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Answer for the clue "Incas' victims: 15th century", 5 letters:

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Actress Williams et al.

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Caras may refer to: Caras , a Portugal-based women's magazine Caraş River , a river in Servia and Romania Caras (tribe) , an indigenous tribe living in coastal Ecuador (1-1000 CE) Carás, an alternate spelling of Caraz , a mountain in the Peruvian Andes....

Usage examples of caras.

Plinio, que pondera que en el dilatado universo no hay dos caras iguales.

Eden and Troy dos Caras, either or both, were entitled to borrow, interest-free, up to a total of a half million dollars from the Membership Trust Fund.

But what all those resources were lined up for, just now, was trying to keep the Troy dos Caras situation from getting loose in public, and looking toward protection of all the Mark Twos in case it did.

Troy dos Caras kidnappers, but also stabbed to death before Bennest reached him.

And neither of them knew how Troy dos Caras had escaped, let alone where he or she might be now.

What Keith and Baylor did learn was that freak or no freak, dos Caras had a wife.

Troy and Eden dos Caras, a bearded man and a pregnant woman, be hermaphrodites?

So it was the next day, still unable to reach dos Caras by phone, that he decided to visit him in person.

Ezequiel, de un ángel de cuatro caras que a un tiempo se dirige al Oriente y al Occidente, al Norte y al Sur.