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Serre may refer to: Serre (surname) Serre (surname of Kaan) since 1998 Serre (grape) , a red Italian wine grape Serre Chevalier , a major French ski resort in the southern part of the Alps Serre (river) , a tributary of the Oise in France Serre, Campania...

Usage examples of serre.

Your children will inherit the vastness of Serre and the powers of Dacia.

But the ghost of her fine, delicate beauty still haunted her: the memory of what she had been before she realized what, in marrying Ferus of Serre, she would become.

Roll me up in a carpet and bundle me off to Serre in the back of a cart?

I have not been there in years, but the Kings of Serre throughout their history have had little knowledge of sorcery and a great awe of it.

I am very sorry, because there are things about Serre that I loved, and I could protect you from those that are dangerous.

By the time she saw Serre, she had become resigned to the wildlife that crept and fluttered and fell into her food.

Only farmers lived in the high, rocky meadows between Dacia and Serre, above their animals in small cottages that stank and whistled in the howling winds.

She tilted her head back and saw, beyond the pinnacles of trees taller than the towers of Dacia, stars as cold and beautiful and incomprehensible as Serre itself poured across the black.

She would have reached Serre, begun the long journey through its forests weeks ago.

The wizard Gyre, who had last seen the prince haggard and half-mad, crouched over a fire in the night-forests of Serre and tearing into a spitted hare with his hands, did not expect him to appear among the curious, whispering courtiers in their flowing silks.

Dacia and Serre, still visible in the lingering flush of light from the wake of the sun.

She held his eyes with her own magic that the twisted forces in Serre would soon enough turn to sorcery.

Gyre had anticipated, exactly what the King of Serre said to him a little later when he sent for the wizard.

Her father and the King of Serre had signed away her freedom long before that.

Sidonie, looking up with apprehension, found the Queen of Serre in her doorway.