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Bett or The Bett Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show ) is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases the use of information technology in education . Founded in 1985, it expanded to the National and ...

Usage examples of bett.

But before she could decide if she ought to bother him, Bett was in the room, and suddenly everything was all right again.

Digen motioned Bett to open the door and Sels to move aside so he could get a direct reading on Grant.

Sels, you know as well as I do that your sensitivity when I so much as glance at Bett is almost paranoid.

Sels was being taken out on a bubble-enclosed stretcher with Bett at his side.

Halitner Grant, as Bett substituted for him most of the time, and he no longer stopped to talk with her in the mornings.

Only they, Mora, Bett, and Sels knew that Ercy had named Joeslee as being inside the burning building.

He halted and looked at Bett, then went hyperconscious to zlin her speculatively, letting his need rise into his awareness as her replete selyn fields penetrated him.

Digen was still fighting for inner equilibrium, half aware of Sels and Bett poised at the brink of transfer.

Sels, relinquishing contact with Bett, without taking the transfer he craved.

Sels, and Bett, left the conference room via the private door to his own offices.

Sels and Bett and Mora and I have checked all the likely places, even the Memorial.

Mora is supervising the dispersal of the search teams, and Sels and Bett have flown out to coordinate the desert search.

Liam Bett Farris, his parents, so long as either Sels Herum or Liam Bett shall live.

In the event of the death of Sels Herum Farris and Liam Bett Farris, Rellow Gishrun Farris will stand for Sectuib along with every other able-bodied channel in Zeor according to Zeor custom.

Sels and Bett would be taking over Rialite, occupying these apartments.