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Answer for the clue "Tones above mis", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word fas

Musical syllables

Scale notes

They're fourth on the way up

Fourth steps in some sequences

Notes after mis

Some notes

Points on a scale

Fourth members of a musical group

Fourth notes

Musical notes after mis

Fourth parts in series of eight

Mis followers

Fourth steps

Musical notes

Scale syllables

Monogram of "The Voice"

Monogram of Ol' Blue Eyes

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n. (plural of fa English)Category:English plurals

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Fas or FAS may refer to:

Usage examples of fas.

Holt Fasner is alleged to have ordered the suppression of an effective antimutagen.

Had Holt Fasner himself, the most dominant man in human space, fallen under the dominance of the director of the United Mining Com panies Police.

Crazy or not, Holt Fasner could fire Warden, if the Council couldn't.

Bitter as a vial of acid, Norna Fasner continued to think long after her body lost its last capacity to do anything.

He kept Norna Fasner alive precisely because she wished him ill with such steady virulence.

With one coded stroke he had outplayed Hashi Lebwohl and Nick Succorso and Holt Fasner.

The veil of falsehood and unaccountability which Holt Fasner had woven between the UMCP and the GCES was starting to fray.