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Máire is a music album by Irish musician Máire Brennan . It was released in 1992. Recordings were made at: Castle Sound Studio, Pentcaitland - (Engineer Calum Malcolm) Metropolis, London

Usage examples of maire.

Only a straggling band of Campbells was left of her clan and only Maire to hold them together against the onslaught of outside forces.

If ye will pledge us that, we will deliver ye forthwith to our mistress, Maire of the Moors.

Lady Maire has done a fine job of holding all together till the laird can take over.

So all Maire could do was try to hold the clan together till her son could inherit.

Rurik laughed uproariously at Maire, who was sitting at the trestle table next to him, having just finished sewing up the gash in his forearm.

In her hazy half-asleep state, with her eyes still closed and her senses not yet fully alert, Maire mulled over the events that had transpired the previous day and what she must do on this new day.

Despite all the reasons she had to hate Rurik, Maire felt an intense ache begin in her breasts, which caused their traitorous nipples to bead for his appreciative scrutiny.

His question was asked with seeming casualness, but Maire knew there was nothing casual about his pose or the question.

A short time later, Rurik was standing at a low chest, splashing water onto his face from a pottery bowl, after having just shaved, when Maire came storming back into the bedchamber without knocking.

He hunkered down to examine some moss growing over the roots of a rowan tree, but all Maire could see was the way his tight trews pulled against the muscles in his thighs and buttocks.

Rurik cocked his head to the side, and his mischievous eyes skimmed over her body with a boldness that made Maire squirm uncomfortably on her already shaky perch.

His mirth was not of comfort to Maire, especially since he was staring at her with eyes that could only be described as smoldering.

Right now it was staring up at Maire with adoration and docile innocence.

Suddenly, Rurik and Maire were alone once again, and everything was quiet in the clearing.

If Rurik were a betting man, he would wager now that Maire was not in the mood for resuming their love games.