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Answer for the clue "G.I. mentioned for honors ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word citee

Usage examples of citee.

And shortly of this proces for to trete, So doghty was hir housbonde and eek she, That they conquered manye regnes grete In the orient, with many a faire citee, Apertenaunt unto the magestee Of Rome, and with strong hond held hem ful faste, Ne nevere myghte hir foomen doon hem flee, Ay whil that Odenakes dayes laste.

That lord is now of Thebes the Citee, Fulfild of ire and of iniquitee, He, for despit and for his tirannye, To do the dede bodyes vileynye, Of alle oure lordes, whiche that been slawe, He hath alle the bodyes on an heep ydrawe, And wol nat suffren hem, by noon assent, Neither to been yburyed nor ybrent, But maketh houndes ete hem in despit.

I trowe, at Troye whan Pirrus brak the wal, Or Ilion brende, ne at Thebes the Citee, Ne at Rome for the harm thurgh Hanybal That Romayns hath venquysshed tymes thre, Nas herd swich tendre wepyng for pitee As in the chambre was, for his departynge.

O woful hennes, right so criden ye, As whan that Nero brende the Citee Of Rome, cryden senatoures wyves, For that hir husbondes losten alle hir lyves, Withouten gilt this Nero hath hem slayn.

Up goon the trompes and the melodye, And to the lystes rit the compaignye, By ordinance, thurgh-out the citee large Hanged with clooth of gold, and nat with sarge.