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Answer for the clue "Very small pin ", 4 letters:

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vb. (context obsolete dialect English) To loll.

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Lill is a surname, and may refer to: Denis Lill (born 1942), British actor Ivo Lill (born 1953), Estonian glass artist John Lill (born 1944), British classical pianist Wendy Lill (born 1950), Canadian playwright and politician

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Lill \Lill\ (l[i^]l), v. i. To loll. [Obs. or Prov.] --Spenser.

Usage examples of lill.

The intermediate children, Frank, Bill, Lill, and Fred, were considered old enough to look out for themselves, but not old enough to look after anyone else.

About four months after Lill was born, when Mother went to bed early one night with a cold, we were sure a new brother or sister would be on hand in the morning.

While Christine Jorgensen was not the first male to undergo sexual reassignment surgery -- the Danish painter Einar Wegener had the operation in 1933 and changed his name to Lill Elbe -- she was the first transsexual to receive world-wide publicity.

The feds lill pull every trick in the book to be sure it's assigned to a judge with a strong history of endorsing the forfeiture laws.