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Jamshad Cethirakath , known by his stage name Arya , is an Indian film actor and producer , who mainly appears in Tamil films . He made his breakthrough portraying rogue characters in Vishnuvardhan 's Arinthum Ariyamalum (2005) and Pattiyal (2006). He later...

Usage examples of arya.

As his men herded off the captives at spear-point, Arya saw Pinkeye emerge from the stairwell, blinking at the torchlight.

The rakshaks were the subcaste of kshatriyas entrusted with the task of guarding the outposts, ports, bridges, and causeways of the Arya nations.

She wished she could discuss it, parrion to parrion, with Arya, going back to the comfortable time when the way to chop onions, or season a soup, or preserve fruit, had been the most important topic of the day.

If Arya Andine's as dead set on butchering Eliar as Sergeant Khalor seems to think she is, I'll need lots of gold to persuade her to sell him to me.

Arya Andine had remained semiconscious, and Eliar had been strangely solicitous of her throughout the journey.

Arya Andine seemed on the verge of several spiteful remarks, but evidently Bheid's little sermon had taken some of the wind out of her sails, and she finally announced that she had a splitting headache and was going to bed.

Arya could see the whites of Sandor Clegane's eyes as he bulled his way forward again.

Arya gli aveva detto di aver ricevuto una droga capace di sopprimere il suo potere, ma voleva avere la conferma che si trattasse della magia.

Their big brothers and sisters asked questions Arya couldn't answer, called her names, and tried to steal from her.

When Arya turned, Lord Beric Dondarrion was standing behind her, his bloody hand clutching Thoros by the shoulder.

He took the lead after Sakyamuni's death, convoked and directed the first synod, from which his title of Arya sthavira is derived.

When she told him what it said he tried to hit her, but Arya ducked under the blow, snatched a silver-banded drinking horn off his saddle, and darted away.

Ned, Gendry, and many of the others were fast asleep when Arya spied the small pale shape creeping behind the horses, thin white hair flying wild as she leaned upon a gnarled cane.

Trovarono il cavallo e la scorta di Arya uccisi nella Du Weldenvarden, e un gruppo di Urgali morti lì vicino.

Arya promptly found herself marched upstairs, forced into a tub, and doused with scalding hot water.