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Answer for the clue "Samoan's starchy fare ", 4 letters:

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Talo or Talau is a typical food of the Basque Country , similar to the traditional corn tortilla of Mesoamerica , made of corn flour and water. It is round and is cooked in a warm metal plank.

Usage examples of talo.

Talos came rushing up and hurried us away down twisted walks, past balustrades and waterfalls and grottoes filled with raw topazes and flowering moss, to a bowl of clipped lawn where the giant labored to erect our stage under the eyes of a dozen white deer.

Talos, on Slate's right, could not react in time to stop his mount or to avoid the wall, but he threw himself clear as his horse went down, dropped into a roll as nimble and precise as any martial arts movie aficionado could desire, and came up on his feet.

Then came the Sable Daggers of Soubar, Tunland's Ravagers, the Invisible Axes from Iriaebor, and a dozen other foot companies sent by the Night Goddess Shar and Talos the Destroyer to win the favor of Our Lord Cyric.