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Answer for the clue "Little pies", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tarts

Small pies

Bite-sized pasties


Fruit desserts

Hardly prim sorts


Bite-size pies

The Queen of Hearts's output, in a nursery rhyme

Baker's dozen?

Napoleons' relatives

Petite desserts

Foods with fillings

Napoleon relatives

Fruity desserts

Small baked desserts

Some shells and their contents

Dainty desserts

Bakery display

Bite-size pies, maybe


Food items in shells

Goods stolen by the Knave of Hearts

Fruit-filled pastries

What the Knave of Hearts stole

Knave of Hearts' booty

Bakery items

Knave's loot

Fruit pies

Shelled pastries

Dessert items

Knave of Hearts' loot

What a red knave filched

Subject of a Wonderland trial

Knave of Hearts' theft


Fruit pastries


Loot for the Knave of Hearts

Bakery buys

Queen of Hearts output

Certain Queen's bakings

Wanton women

Word definitions for tarts in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (plural of tart English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tart)

Usage examples of tarts.

If I replaced you eager tarts with women from, perhaps, Bedroom 3, how might they receive a dozen lordlings tonight?

Dain, having decimated enough tarts to set every tooth in his mouth throbbing, set down his fork and frowned at her hands.

Palais Royal, he collected a trio of plump tarts and an assortment of male comrades, and plunged into dissipation.

And you seem to have an excellent notion of the services the tarts are employed to perform.

Into this stag affair, comes the Tray of Tarts, who have been invited by one of the guys.

Tray of Tarts swept in a wave onto the stage, dressed in long, gossamer-like cloaks and swirled around him, at various levels and in a vast concentric circle.

Tray of Tarts milled about aimlessly onstage and managed to interfere almost constantly with Hunter and Edna who were trying to find out what had gone wrong with the trap.

As soon as he had gone, they told Alfie about the sabotage of the trap door, the mystery dancer and the feeling that was beginning to grow amongst the Tarts concerning a jinx.

Cook had included several of her famed meat pasties, and enough tiny fruit tarts to feed a small army.

Nauman, lighting his pipe after three croissants, two jam tarts, and three cups of coffee.