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Answer for the clue "Beat poet Gregory _____", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word corso

Via del ___, Roma


A main street in Roma

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Corso may refer to: Via del Corso , a main street in Rome Corso (surname) CORSO, the Council of Organisations for Relief Service Overseas Corso, Algeria

Usage examples of corso.

The four tiers of the Pincian Hill were packed with spectators, and every window and balcony in the Corso was filled with faces.

Coming down the Corso he had been dimly conscious of eyes looking at him from windows and balconies.

Piazza Colonna he had to wait some time before he could cross the Corso, for the crowds were coming both ways and the traffic frightened him.

Ministry of the Interior he heard the singing of the Garibaldi Hymn in the distance, and turning into the Corso Victor Emmanuel, he came upon crowds of people and some noisy and tumultuous scenes.

The clubs in the Corso were crowded with princes, nobles, diplomats, and distinguished foreigners.

Groups could be seen under the great lamps in the Corso reading the evening papers.

Hold off, ye gods, further bliss, lest Corso Navarone perish of delight.

Must Corso Navarone remember the serial number of a bicycle that whizzed past him in Milan one Friday when he was twelve?

The fierce, confused, inflated thoughts of Corso Navarone exhorted them to be brave, strong, united, gallant, dignified like him.

After a piece of plastic tarp had been laid next to the body, Corso stood up and motioned for the nearest officer to help him.

When Corso finished, he gave the camera to one of the uniformed cops to hold.

Using a scalpel, Corso slit the pants open far enough to decide that there had been no other injuries.

Stripping off his gloves, Corso tossed them into a brown leather bag and put his camera in after.

Dave Corso got out of the sedan with his camera and flash unit and waited for Sam.

Sam nodded, and Corso went to see what was what before he got started.