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Answer for the clue "Vetoes ", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word kills

Usage examples of kills.

Forty-plus years later she asks about the hanged priest and another priest kills her and steals her briefcase.

Now, in deep rapport with him, Rimon could sense the inroads two years of bad kills had made on his system.

He is reconciled with Agamemnon, and as soon as his mother brings him a splendid suit of armor, made by the smith-god Hephaestus, he returns to the battle, and after slaughtering many Trojans, meets and kills Hector.

Book 5 Ares kills a Greek warrior and is in his turn wounded by Diomedes, who has already wounded Aphrodite.

Lapiths stripped their kills of gleaming gear the fighters trooping behind Polydamas and Hector, the greatest force, the best and bravest, grim set above all to breach the wall and torch the ships, still halted up at the trench, torn with doubt.

They warn that if the boxes are used, if the Magic of Orden is used, and even if the person who put them in play makes a mistake and it kills him, it can still tear the veil.

They never devour their kills, they seem simply to kill for the sake of killing.

It is commonly believed that it is differential aging, the alder, that kills love, but I do not think this is entirely true.

Time-it ticks, it runs, it twists, it dilates, shrinks, and kills, and one day for each of us, no matter what we do, it stops.

And then, because everyone kills first and asks questions later, in the end the truths are lost.

We flung ourselves down in dappling birch shade, fed again from our kills, and drowsed off.

Forged ones and our kills had left the front and the cuffs of it mottled brown.

He saved your life, fed you from his kills, and shared his den with you.

I had the second-highest number of kills and second-highest number of successful missions.

Shock kills a lot of them, either from their wounds or from the surgery.