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Answer for the clue "Actress Neagle", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word anna

Soprano Moffo

Writer Quindlen

Sigmund's daughter

Dancer Pavlova

Pulitzer winner Quindlen

Siamese employee, once

The "I" of "The King and I"

Diva Moffo

Ruler of Russia, 1730-40

Bangkok teacher, on Broadway

Palindrome girl

Moffo at the Met

Trollope's "Lady ___"

"The King and I" lady

Ballerina Pavlova

"Black Beauty" author Sewell

I in "The King and I"

Deborah's role in "The King and I"

Actress Magnani

"Finnegans Wake" wife

Held on the stage


"___ Karenina"

Model ___ Nicole Smith

Visitor to Siam

Christie or Quindlen

First Lady Harrison

O'Neill's "___ Christie"

The "I" in "The King and I"

Sigmund Freud's daughter

Title girl in a song on the first Beatles album

Tennis star Kournikova

"The King and I" role

Grandma Moses' first name

Russian poet Akhmatova

Wife in "Finnegans Wake"

Tolstoy heroine

Ballet Russe star Pavlova

One of the Freuds

Magnani of "The Rose Tattoo"

Madame Karenina

"___ Imroth" (Sandburg poem)

Oscar winner Paquin

"___ and the King" (Foster film)

Tolstoy's "___ Karenina"

Moffo or Magnani

Tutor of Siamese royalty

___ Eleanor Roosevelt

O'Neill's Christie

Title girl of a 1953 million-selling record

Tennis player Smashnova

Kournikova of tennis

"The King and I" heroine

A Freud

___ Wintour, real-life editor on whom "The Devil Wears Prada" is based

Tolstoy's Karenina

"The King and I" character

"___ and the King of Siam"

Poet Akhmatova

Donna ___, "Don Giovanni" soprano

Actress Faris of the "Scary Movie" movies

Actress Karina who played Scheherazade

1930's-40's leading lady born in Russia

Palindromic girl's name

"The King and I" tutor

Pavlova of ballet

Tennis's Kournikova

Late celebrity ___ Nicole Smith

"The King and I" woman

1999 Jodie Foster title role

Actress Popplewell of "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Eleanor Roosevelt's first name

Lady whom Don Giovanni tries to seduce

Title girl on the first Beatles album

Wintour of fashion

Eugene O'Neill's "___ Christie"

Early Beatles tune subtitled "Go to Him"

Fashion style-setter Wintour

"Up in the Air" actress Kendrick

"X-Men" actress Paquin

Kendrick of "Up in the Air"

Pavlova of the ballet

Title girl on "Introducing ... The Beatles"

She was the "I" in "The King and I"

26-Down's role in "The King and I"

Russian ruler after Peter II

Actress Paquin

___ Gunn, "Breaking Bad" co-star

Karina in many a Jean-Luc Godard film

Actress Kendrick of "Pitch Perfect"

1999 drama "___ and the King"

Actress Gunn of "Breaking Bad"

Fashion editor Wintour

Tennis champ Kournikova

Visitor to Siam, on stage and film

Elsa's younger sister in "Frozen"

"Frozen" princess

Woman in "The King and I"

A former copper coin of Pakistan

"___ Christie," 1930 film

Garbo role

Pavlova or Sten

Mrs. Leonowens

Christie or Lucasta

Paquin or Magnani

Held or Sten

Author Sewell

Moffo or Pavlova

Donizetti's "___ Bolena"

Naturalist Comstock

Joyce's ___ Livia Plurabelle

Christie or Held

Vronsky's beloved

Two-way lady?

First name of Grandma Moses

Held or Neagle

Kerr role

W. H. Harrison's wife

___ Pavlova

Karenina or Christie

Count Vronsky's love

Grandma Moses

Sally Kirkland movie: 1987

Karenin's wife

Joyce heroine ___ Livia Plurabelle

"___ Lucasta," O'Neill play

"Don Giovanni" character

Musical role

Actress Sten

With 6-Across, "Nana" actress, 1934

Palindromic name

Former coin of India

Empress Ivanovna

"___ Christie"

Christie or Karenina

Tragic Tolstoy heroine

Hammerstein heroine

Vronsky's lover

Tolstoy character

Held or Christie

"___ Christie": O'Neill

King of Siam's friend

Oscar winner Magnani

Eloper with Vronski

Former coin of Pakistan

Nicola Pagett role on TV

She had a friend at court

Miss Held

Held or Magnani

Held or Karenina

Burns poem

"The King and I" governess

Magnificent Magnani

Karenina of fiction

Neagle of old films

___ Pavlova, memorable ballerina

I of "The King and I"

Actress Magnani: 1908–73


McKinley's mentor


Literary heroine

Miss Sten

First name of Vronsky's lover

Pavlova or Christie

Palindromic teacher in Siam

Former Indian monetary unit

Word definitions for anna in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Anna \An"na\, n. [Hindi [=a]n[=a].] An East Indian money of account, the sixteenth of a rupee, or about 2? cents.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A unit of currency in former British India equal to 12 pies or 1/16 rupee.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
fem. proper name, from Latin Anna , from Greek Anna , from Hebrew Hannah , literally "grace, graciousness" (see Hannah ).

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a former copper coin of Pakistan

Gazetteer Word definitions in Gazetteer
Population (2000): 1319 Housing Units (2000): 483 Land area (2000): 0.836569 sq. miles (2.166704 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 0.836569 sq. miles (2.166704 sq. km) FIPS code: 02092 Located within: Ohio...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Anna is a 1987 film directed by Yurek Bogayevicz , it was adapted by Agnieszka Holland from an unauthorized story by Holland and Bogayevicz, based on the real life of Polish actress Elżbieta Czyżewska . The film stars Sally Kirkland , Robert Fields , Paulina...

Usage examples of anna.

Over the years, her argument remains the same, that Anna should have had an adrenalectomy and her ovaries removed, as she had.

Perhaps an adrenalectomy at the beginning would have helped, says Anna, but it is too late now that cancer has spread.

Anna trotted, wind at her back, up the dock and onto the shore of Amygdaloid Island.

By the time the armadillo had nosed and waddled around the bend in the road, Anna was less than thirty-six inches from the gray and scaly hindquarters.

Finally wised-up, her armadillo scuttled ahead, winning back the ten yards Anna had so cunningly eaten up.

There were shouted greetings and a great deal of laughter: Axel and Anna, Martha and the McGarritys, the Kaes girls trailing beaux, and most of the children of the village, many of them masked.

Morvan and Anna, David and Christiana, Duncan and Aymer, with Ian bringing up the rear.

She felt sure that if Christiana and Anna had not been present, Aymer would have struck her at several points in the heated conversation.

George in Madras, Government used to pay a reward of one anna for every bandicoot killed within the walls.

Lysara, Resor, Cens, Barat, Hoede, the pale blonde Ytrude, and Secca, the youngest redhead, sitting on a stool in the corner, her eyes darting to Anna, and then away.

Anna thought, that this kindly, lovable benefactress should have that one flaw: she would never let her forget that she had an obstacle to surmount, that there would always be this obstacle, but it was not surmountable.

So after being perfectly outmaneuvered by committee and bumped upstairs to Commander of the new Starflight Agency, there was nothing left for him except bitching to Oscar and Anna about losing crucial people at critical times because they were needed to establish a duplicate facility at High Angel.

Anna let the silence draw out slightly, knowing she was being petty, bitchy, or worse.

Anna had some sly reason for taking Andrew and Bitten to the cemetery island of San Michele, I had no doubt.

The low words seemed to hiss through the gray of the early morning, and Anna bolted upright in the narrow and lumpy pallet bed, not that she had slept that well, with nightmares of various shadowy figures chasing her through improbable settings, none of which she could remember clearly.