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Answer for the clue "Performs outstandingly", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word stars

Flag features

Big shots

Astrology concern

Critic's awards

Dallas icemen

Marquee names

Observatory observations


General's pride


Great balls of fire

Overhead lighting?

High lights

Planetarium display

Sky lights

Generals' insignia

Rating units

Castor and Pollux

Things wished upon

Cancer components

Isn't doing support work

Hollywood Walk of Fame sights

1999 Stanley Cup winner

General's display

Constellation elements

Roster at the Oscars

"My ___!"

There are five on China's flag

Ones getting the red-carpet treatment, say


State representatives?

Hollywood Boulevard sights

Constellation units

Some are super

"Let us explore the ___": J.F.K.


Alpha, beta, gamma, etc.

Top performers

Night lights

Achemar and Alcor

Gets top billing


Does exceptionally well

Fourth-day creations

Has the lead

Top bananas


Rigel and Mira

Merak and Mizar

Blue-field fillers

Toppers on seasonal trees

Stripes' partners

Partner of stripes

Mizar and Regulus

Fallers on Alabama in a Mitchell Parish song

Reference marks

Kindergarten awards

Plays the lead

Planetarium attractions

Heads a bill

These are seen after a clout

Bars' partners

Novae, e.g.


Rating symbols

Antares et al.

White dwarfs

Newman and Redford, e.g.

Vega and Antares

___ and Bars

Navigational aids

"___ of stage and screen"

Top-billed ones

Receives top billing

Sabik and Wasat

Nunki and Nekkar

Word definitions for stars in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (plural of star English) 2 (context with “the” English) outer space. vb. (en-third-person singular of: star )

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Stars is a wood engraving print created by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher in 1948, depicting two chameleons in a polyhedral cage floating through space. Although the compound of three octahedra used for the central cage in Stars had been studied before in...

Usage examples of stars.

Anyhow, before we were halfway to the center of the anomaly, the stars went out.

It shone with the strange dim green of ionized nebular gases, and the dark spreading wings of it blotted out the stars of Ophiuchus, and slowly grew to hide the Serpent and even the Scorpion.

She toyed with the feathery petals of the flower and gazed up at the glittery stars peeking through the bushy treetops.

Neptune was falling away into a blackness pierced with stars and webbed with pale nebulae.

The two stars beat like hearts of light, in the little moons of colored mist around them.

It rose in the west, fled across the sky against the tide of the stars and plunged down where the old Moon had risen.

Unshaded atomic lights burned here and there, like stars in a metal universe.

In every observatory on every racing ship, men searched the dark void amid the stars of the Dragon ahead.

A glowing, bronze-eyed, athletic girl, she looked too young and fresh and lovely to be so far from the stars men had mastered.

Looking past her toward galactic north, I could see where a few stars were slightly blurred and reddened.

Observing stars at certain angles through the anomaly, we find their images blurred and spectral lines shifted toward the red.

A neat round blot against the silver mist of stars, it was now fully two degrees across.

The only light was the cold blaze of the stars beyond the transite dome.

The natural universe, the mist and frost and dust of stars, was suddenly as dreadful as that unnatural midnight funnel in the anomaly.

The stars themselves seemed to spin crazily around and around and around me, until I had to fight a giddy nausea.