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Answer for the clue "Fressed", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ate

Took in







Dug in

Had lunch

Had a little lamb?




Had a little lamb


Absorbed, as an expense

Broke bread

Accepted greedily, with "up"

Had a hero?

Wore away

Pecked at

Gobbled up


Dispatched, in a way

Suffix with doctor or elector

Got into a jam?

Had fare




Polished off

Chowed down

Dug into

Put away

Got fed up

Packed away

Had a bite

Worried, with "at"

Chomped down

Tucked away


Partook of

Gulped down

Bothered, with "at"

Absorbed, as a cost

Gobbled (up)


Took in a poor boy

Put away the dishes

Bolted down

Had a cone

Came to a fast stop?

Took mess

Took the cake?

Absorbed, as losses

Took a meal


Had something, so to speak

Got down

Had a beef?

Got into a stew?

Absorbed, as a loss


Had dinner

Fed on

Had a heart?

Filled the bill, perhaps

Broke a fast

Scarfed down

Took a course?

Took in takeout?


Got something down

Disposed of

Made a fast stop?

Had something

Stopped fasting

Had a cow?

Downed a sub, say

Got the fare down

Took the cake, say

Munched on


Did lunch, say

Took a loss on

Downed a sub?

Took a course

Wolfed down

Tucked in

Lunched, say

"Thanks, but I already ___"

Did not go fast?

Had a bit

"I already ___"


Put the dishes away

Had eggs, e.g.

Bolted things down

Grazed, e.g.

Got into a pickle?

Took sides?

Breakfasted, e.g.

Grazed, say

Had brunch

Had a meal

Eroded, with "away"

Got fed up?

Had lunch, e.g.

Showed enthusiasm for, with "up"

Nibbled away

Worked on peanuts?

Fell hard, with "it"

Took back, as words

Gobbled down

Maneuver required five times to finish this puzzle

Absorbed, in a way

Put down

Got things down

Downed subs, e.g.

Filled up on

Indulged in some capers?

Went from soup to nuts, say

Absorbed the cost of

Took a few seconds?

Killed a hero?

Took off the table?

Eroded (away)

Loved, with "up"

Accepted as a cost, informally

Grabbed a bite

Brunched, say

Gorged on

Had supper

Had dogs, e.g.

"No thanks, I already ___"

Had wings

Downed, as a meal


Had breakfast or lunch

Grabbed something

Got on a roll?

Enjoyed a buffet

Made disappear, in a way

Took 9-Down, say

Took courses

Take in solid food

Take in food

Used of animals only

Worry or cause anxiety in a persistent way

Goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment

Swallowed the bait?

Mischievous child of Eris

Spenserian hag

Blind impulse

Homophone for a digit

Goddess banished from Olympus

Goddess of mischief

Goddess of infatuation

Chemical ending

Banished Olympian

Personification of reckless ambition

Reckless Olympian

Grazed on

Mischievous Olympian

Broke fasts



Mythical mischief-maker

Olympic imp

Ending for consul

Assuaged hunger

Consul follower

Greek goddess of infatuation

Spenser character


A daughter of Zeus

Zeus's unpleasant daughter

Took potluck


"With ___ by his side . . . ": Shak.

Enjoyed the taramasalata

Greek goddess of punishment

Had a grinder

Took sustenance

Olympic mischief-maker

Took substance

Eris's mischievous child

" . . . with a runcible spoon": Lear


Goddess of evil


Alien attachment

Was a consumer

Downed doughnuts

Had a snack

Indulged prandially

Emulated Horner

Put away, in a way

Was corrosive


Didn't go hungry

Goddess of reckless ambition

Goddess of criminal folly

Took tiffin

Eris's brat


"Faerie Queene" hag

She comes "hot from Hell": Shak.

Greek goddess

Daughter of Eris, according to Hesiod

Used up

Goddess of recklessness

Noshed or brunched

Filled a certain void

Satisfied edacity

Partook of food

Suffix for consul or sultan

Goddess "come hot from hell": Mark Antony

Homophone for eight

Blind impulse personified

Olympic exile

Olympic brat

Goddess of strife

Refreshed the inner man

"___, o cara," Bellini aria

Impish Olympian

Took refection

Hag in "The Faerie Queene"

Satisfied a certain pang

Emulated the Sprats

". . . that ___ the malt"

Daughter of Eris

Exiled Olympian

___ away (corroded)


Took nourishment

Tea anagram

Passion ender

Gorged, perhaps

With 52-Across, eroded

Word definitions for ate in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ate \A"te\, n. [Gr. ?.] (Greek. Myth.) The goddess of mischievous folly; also, in later poets, the goddess of vengeance.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
vb. (en-simple pasteat)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Greek goddess of infatuation and evil, from ate "infatuation, bane, ruin, mischief," which is of uncertain origin.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
v. take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?" eat a meal; take a meal; "We did not eat until 10 P.M. because there were so many phone calls"; "I didn't eat yet, so I gladly accept your invitation" take in food;...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Atë , Até or Aite ( or ; ) is the Greek goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly. Até also refers to the action performed by a hero, usually because of hubris , that often leads to his or her death or downfall. Mythology personifies Atë as the daughter...

Usage examples of ate.

Yet he abode with them long, and ate and drank amidst the hay with them till the moon shone brightly.

Nonetheless, our golden agouti vanished, stolen by someone who ate it, Father suspected.

Giving wide berth to the few steadings and inns that lay along the road, they kept up a steady pace for as long as Micum could stay in the saddle, slept in the open, and ate whatever Alec shot.

There, they ate lunch at a seafood shack on Almar Avenue, with outdoor tables, and went for a long walk along West Cliff Drive and out onto the ocean view point before heading back into San Francisco.

Bakker, the lowfeeding dinosaurs helped promote the success of angiosperms even while they ate them.

Curry played havoc with her digestive system and even as she ate it, enjoying the flavor, she made a mental note to take an antacid later.

Vincent could not get anything to eat, for nearly everyone in Arles ate at home.

During the day she ate with Aum, and during the evenings she sometimes accompanied him throughout the city, with a guard of Garwater yeomanry.

They said that the bandersnatch only scared him away, but I think that slimy son of a bitch ate him.

He knew the Baptist could not have much use for it, if the tales were true that he ate only the roots and nectar of the earth.

I can still taste the spicy, deep-fried fingers of speckled trout on a drive through Cajun country, the mountain of tiny grilled fishwithout an English name that we ate, head and all, on the Adriatic coast, the barbecued bluefish at the end of a Long Island summer, the little yellow perch we caught at sunset in Vermont and crisply panfried a few moments later.

The Indians ate for bread certain roots like the batata, either roasted or boiled, which, when the Spaniards tasted, they found them better eating and more sustaining than biscuit.

He ate blackberries along the hedges, minded the geese with a long switch, went haymaking during harvest, ran about in the woods, played hop-scotch under the church porch on rainy days, and at great fetes begged the beadle to let him toll the bells, that he might hang all his weight on the long rope and feel himself borne upward by it in its swing.

The three Corticellis unaccustomed to good fare and wine, ate like a troop, and began to get intoxicated.

I ate a lot of pub grub: bendy sausages, gingerbaked beans, a trough of cottage pie.