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Answer for the clue "Scots' denials", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word naes

Dundee denials

Rebuffs overseas

Glasgow negatives

Scottish denials

Scottish refusals

Scottish turndowns

Caledonian contradictions

Glasgow denials

Glasgow negations

Scottish rejections

Highlands denials

Paisley refusals

Highlands refusals

Scottish negatives

Dundee disavowals

Scots' turndowns

Highland refusals

Thurso refusals

Renfrew refusals

Rob Roy's refusals

Refusals from Scrooge McDuck

Gretna Green rebuffs

Dundee turndowns

Highlands negatives

Words from stubborn Scots

Scots' negatives

Denials in Glasgow

Glaswegian negatives

Thane's negations

Bagpipers' refusals

Burnsian turndowns

Dumfries denials

Negatives in Nairn