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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun EXAMPLES FROM CORPUS ▪ A more extreme version would be to compare and explain budget and actuals only for an organization as a whole. ▪ Hence, many public sector operating statements do not only show actuals but also budgets and comparisons of actuals ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (plural of actual English) 2 (context: Accounting) Documented historical results. 3 (context: Business) physical commodity or financial instruments which are traded in futures contracts. 4 (context: Project Management) Things which have happened rather ...

Usage examples of actuals.

In short, there are very important differences between digging up past actuals and bringing down future potentials.

Past actuals (structures already laid down in evolution but subsequently submerged) include the phylogenetic heritage and the ontogenetic heritage (from material/plant/animal identification to perinatal matrices to Freudian psychodynamic unconscious to collective archaic unconscious).

Once one has learned to take the role of other, that capacity is not lost (except under the severest pathologies), and so no matter how much the adult "regresses," the recovered "memories" are recovered in an intersubjective and perspectival space, which then instantly and automatically interprets them from that space, and then reads them back into childhood as if they were accurate and indelible photographs of the original occasion, even if children at that age show no evidence whatsoever of being able to do any of this (not to mention present anxieties heavily misinterpreting past imprints as ritual satanic abuse and UFO abductionanother story altogether, and one I will not enter at this point: I am now discussing "recapturing" of "highly spiritual" early "experiences," which are, I claim, not primarily unadulterated past actuals, but mostly reconstituted past actuals).

The imprints, assuming they are there, are run through a highly evolved intersubjective space that can then pull out implications and perspectives that were not present when the imprints were laid down, and this "pulling out" is then mistakenly ascribed in all ways to a recapturing, a recapturing that goes quite beyond past actuals and into a reconstituting of past actuals created by highly sophisticated structures of present consciousness.

But this does not stop Tarnas from unfortunately lapsing back into a recovery of past actuals: the new state will be "a reconciliation with lost unity, a triumphant and healing reunion" (with something once possessed in previous history or prehistory).

Bass nodded, and vanden Hoyt said into the radio, "All Hen, Chick, and Peep Actuals, this is Henhouse Actual.

Hen Actuals acknowledge to me once your Chicks and Peeps are on their way.