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Answer for the clue ""___ thou by searching find out God?": Job", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word canst

Biblical verb

Art able to

"Thou ___ make me clean" (leper's words to Jesus)

Art capable

"Bold Lover, never, never ___ thou kiss": Keats

Art enabled

Are able, archaically

Are able, biblically

"What services ___ thou do?": King Lear

"Mend when thou ___": Shak.

"Give all thou ___ . . . ": Wordsworth

"Thou ___ not then be false . . . "

Shakespeare's "are you able?"

"Or ___ thou guide Arcturus . . . ": Job 38:32

"Mend when thou ___": Lear

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vb. (en-archaic second-person singular of can English)

Usage examples of canst.

Thou canst no longer know or love the shapes Of this phantasmal scene, who have to thee Been purest ministers, who are, alas!

THE EARTH: How canst thou hear Who knowest not the language of the dead?

PANTHEA: I lift them though they droop beneath the load Of that they would express: what canst thou see But thine own fairest shadow imaged there?

FIRST FAUN: Canst thou imagine where those spirits live Which make such delicate music in the woods?

After the war is fought, yield the sleek Russian That which thou canst not keep, his deserved portion Of blood, which shall not flow through streets and fields, Rivers and seas, like that which we may win, But stagnate in the veins of Christian slaves!

And--for thou canst outweep the crocodile-- By thy false tears--those millstones braining men-- 14.

Are not the limbs still when the ghost is fled, And canst thou move, Napoleon being dead?

I Present thee with this music-flowing shell, Knowing thou canst interrogate it well.

DAEMON: But how Canst thou defend thyself from that or me, If my power drags thee onward?

Of fertile England spread Their harvest to the day, Thou canst not find one spot Whereon no city stood.

And canst thou mock mine agony, thus calm In cloudless radiance, Queen of silver night?

And canst thou not contend with agony, That thus at midnight thou dost quit thine home?

Why is it said thou canst not live In a youthful breast and fair, Since thou eternal life canst give, canst bloom for ever there?

Prince who dost pride thee on thy mighty sway, When THOU canst feel such love, thou shalt be great as they!

He will give it to no one of his own free will, and thou canst not compel him.