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Answer for the clue "Bluish-green shade", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word aqua


Lung opening?

Water color

A pastel


Shade of blue

Plane starter

Blue hue

Marine shade


Prefix with plane

___ pura


Marine leader?

Pastel hue


Light hue

Soothing hue

Swimming pool shade

Soothing color

Light greenish-blue

Plane starter?

___ Velva

Pastel shade

Cool shade

Pale hue

Like the sea

Somewhat blue

Pool shade

Color of water

Blue shade

Soothing shade

Liquid, to a pharmacist

Like the ocean

Light shade

Shade close to beryl

Shade of many a swimming pool basin

Light greenish blue

Shade at a swimming pool

Shade at the beach?

Light blue

Watery hue


44-Across shade

Relative of cerulean

Soft shade

With 18-Across, an old term for brandy

Greenish blue

Water, in Latin

With 53-Down, pioneering mechanical breathing apparatus

Pastel blue

Shade at the swimming pool

Color of McCartney's "Sgt. Pepper" uniform

Light blue hue

Beautiful water hue

A shade of blue tinged with green

___ fortis (nitric acid)

Word with fortis or pura

Pastel color

A drink for Cicero

Turquoise cousin

Kind of marine

Kind of tint


Word with pura or vitae

Word with tint or tone

___ vitae

Crayon color

Sea shade

Water, for Cato


Shade of blue or gray

___ vitae (brandy)

Quaff for Quintilius

Greenish hue

Shade by the beach?

___ vitae (alcohol)

Popular shade

With 55 Down, diver's gear

Word with marine or plane

Popular color

Quaff for Quintilian

Bluish color

Water: Prefix

___ regia (corrosive liquid)

Nero's drink

Prefix for plane or marine

Cicero's drink

Word with pura or marine


Pura or vitae

Pastel tint

Marine header

Turquoise hue

Word definitions for aqua in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Aqua \A"qua\, n. [L. See Ewer .] Water; -- a word much used in pharmacy and the old chemistry, in various signification, determined by the word or words annexed. Aqua ammoni[ae] , the aqueous solution of ammonia; liquid ammonia; often called aqua ammonia...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. Of a greenish-blue colour. n. 1 (context inorganic compound English) The compound water. 2 A shade of colour, usually a mix of green and blue similar to the colour turquoise.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"water," late 14c.; see aqua- . Used in late Middle English in combinations to mean "decoction, solution" (as in aqua regia , a mix of concentrated acids, literally "royal water," so called for its power to dissolve gold and other "noble" metals). As the...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a shade of blue tinged with green [syn: greenish blue , aquamarine , turquoise , cobalt blue , peacock blue ] [also: aquae (pl)]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Aqua is the Latin word for water . It may also refer to:

Usage examples of aqua.

The aqueduct, the immense Aqua Augusta, seemed to be dying in his hands.

The best he gave to Becco and Corvinus, on the grounds that they would have the most riding to do, and he was still explaining his reasons to an aggrieved Corax when Musa reappeared to announce that the castellum aquae was deserted.

Qua difficultate eorum cogmta Caesar sagittariis funditoribusque dispositis, tormentis etiam quibusdam locis contra facillimos descensus collocatis aqua fluminis prohibebat oppidanos.

A man who Kate assumed was Diederik was standing out there at a table beneath an aqua umbrella, pouring wine into glasses.

She remembered the love in his aqua gaze that used to wash over her so tenderly, the gentle caress of his powerful arms, and the sweet feel of his mouht when he kissed her.

The Anio Novus reached Rome in its own channel after a course of 86,964 meters, but for the last seven miles it ran on the same arches with the Aqua Claudia.

Generally it answers the same purpose as aqua regia, and is employed where the addition of nitric acid to a solution has to be specially avoided.

When the purer metal is required, gold should be dissolved in aqua regia, the solution evaporated to a paste, diluted, allowed to stand, and filtered.

In alloys it may be found by dissolving them in nitric acid or in aqua regia, evaporating with hydrochloric acid, and treating the filtrate with ammonic chloride and alcohol.

They are soluble in nitric acid or aqua regia, and, provided the solution is sufficiently acid, they remain dissolved.

The reduced metal is only slowly dissolved by hydrochloric acid, and although it is readily soluble in aqua regia, the solution cannot be evaporated or freed from the excess of acids, by boiling, without loss of tin, because of the volatility of stannic chloride.

This may be got rid of by boiling in aqua regia, and dissolving out the tungstic acid which has been liberated by means of ammonia.

Aqua regia dissolves tin readily, forming stannic chloride, and in this solution the metal is detected by precipitation with sulphuretted hydrogen, which gives a yellow precipitate.

Since almehneht have some of the same copper-containing protein as the ometvaheem, his sclera was aqua too, a lighter aqua though.

However Jenny felt a little relief, seeing dark aqua sclera, giving his eyes some normalcy.