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Answer for the clue "Group for a G.P.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ama

Internists' org.

Health org.

G.P.'s org.

Drs.' org.

Palindromic org.

G.P. grp.

Doctors' org.

Dr.'s grp.

Grp. with a caduceus

Powerful D.C. lobby

Professional org.

M.D. group

Org. for Doogie Howser

Health grp.

Health care lobby: Abbr.

Dr.'s org.

Professional org. since 1847

Doc bloc

Journal publisher, for short


Doc's org.

Doctors' grp.

Org. with a much-quoted journal

Org. the Surgeon General addresses

Grp. with a staff in its symbol

Journal publisher

Health-care lobby grp.

31-Across's grp.

Group the Surgeon Gen. addresses

Antismoking grp.

Physicians' grp.

Cold war grp.?

"I ___ Camera" (1955 film)

G.P.'s grp.

Docs' org.

Org. with a much-cited journal

Well-intentioned grp.?

Org. with a caduceus logo

Sawbones' org.

Grp. of G.P.'s

Org. with a widely read journal

Org. with an influential journal

Docs united: Abbr.

Powerful advocacy grp.

Org. for life savers

Famous jour. publisher

Org. with a noted journal

Physician's org.

Docs' grp.

Doc bloc: Abbr.

Dr.'s advocate

Org. with a snake in its logo

Grp. pledged to "do no harm"

"I ___ shepherd of those sheep": Millay

Drs.' group

"I ___ Rock" (1966 hit)

Fitness advocacy grp.

Caring grp.

Fitness grp.

Org. founded by Dr. Nathan Smith Davis

Health standards org. since 1847

Org. for an OB/GYN

Influential journal publisher: Abbr.

Dr.'s order?

“I ___ Rock”

Commercial suffix with roller

Fitness-advocating org.

Battler of Big Tobacco: Abbr.

Hosp. workers' org.

Practicing grp.

Doctor's org.

Overseer of some practices: Abbr.

Doc org.

Doc grp.

Professional grp. with its own insurance agency

Internists' grp.

Flu fighters: Abbr.

Antismoking org.

Org. with a Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs

Org. with its own insurance agency

"Helping doctors help patients" org.

Org. that publishes health studies

Grp. knocked in "Sicko"

Practice overseers: Abbr.

Member of a Latin trio

Professional org. with a House of Delegates

Org. for 41-Down

Org. with a peer-reviewed weekly journal

Health advocacy grp.

Org. for 9-Down

Org. in the health care debate

Doc workers' org.?

G.P.'s group

Org. for docs

Health advocacy abbr.

Health care grp.

Physicians' org.

Surgeon's org.

Org. that endorsed Obamacare

Org. that publishes Advocacy Update

Professional org. ending eight answers in this puzzle

Docs united

Org. criticized in "Sicko"

Org. offering group practice membership

Health org. since 1847

Professional org. with a "healthy" balance sheet

Org. with a code of ethics

Grp. of docs

Org. that inveighs against smoking

Quack stopper, for short

No-holds-barred online Q&A

Org. backing Obamacare

Reddit Q&A session, briefly

Online Q&A session

Org. with the Rod of Asclepius in its logo

Caregivers' org.

Org. for many residents

Ceremonial cup

Early wine vessel

Bikers' org.

Org. for a G.P.

U.S. med. group

"I ___ Camera"

Doogie Howser's org.

Doctors' gp.

Japanese woman diver

Van Druten's "I ___ Camera"

Early Christian chalice

Dior ending

Spanish landlady

Candlenut tree

Its sym. is the caduceus

M.D.'s org.

Physicians' assn.

Eucharistic cruet

Org. for Spock

Doc bloc, for short

Org. with a House of Delegates

Professional grp.

Healers' grp.

"I _____ Thief" (1935 film)

G.P. group

Health care lobby, for short

Spock's org.

Japanese pearl diver

M.D.'s group

Japanese diver

G.P. gp.

Early ceremonial cup

Simon & Garfunkel's "I ___ Rock"

Org. for the subject of this puzzle

Landlady, in León

Grp. with a famous journal

Early church chalice

Wine cup

Healers' gp.

Drs.' association

"I ___ great eater . . . ": Shak.

Org. with a journal


Female Japanese diver

"Oh, I ___ cook . . . "

"I ___ Rock," Simon and Garfunkel hit

Org. for Welby

Church vessel

Group including G.P.'s

Org. for G.P.'s

Eucharistic wine cup

Docs' bloc

"I ___ lone lorn creetur . . . ": Dickens

Org. of 27 Across

Housewife, in Jerez

Mistress of 82 Down

Business org.

Org. for Drs.

Org. for M.D.'s

"Today I ___ man"

Org. founded in 1847


Word definitions for ama in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (alternative spelling of amah English) 2 (context nautical English) The float on the outrigger of a proa or trimaran. 3 fabric made from the hair of a camel or goat. 4 A traditional, typically female. 5 (context...

Gazetteer Word definitions in Gazetteer
Population (2000): 1285 Housing Units (2000): 488 Land area (2000): 3.569788 sq. miles (9.245708 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.879112 sq. miles (2.276889 sq. km) Total area (2000): 4.448900 sq. miles (11.522597 sq. km) FIPS code: 01780 Located within: Louisiana...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Ama or AMA may refer to: Ama (sailing) , an outrigger used on sailing boats Ama (diving) , traditional Japanese (and predominantly female) divers Ama (ayurveda) , a product of digestion Ama (title) , a Samoan title given to the paramount chief and commander...

Usage examples of ama.

Zulaika was a little girl, she had read in a book all about ama divers -- Japanese shellfish divers who lived long ago, before scuba was invented.

Superintendent says there is an Ama island called Kuro only half a mile out to sea.

She made the film, but hated Hollywood and longed only to return to her Ama life.

She gestured to the right, to where the rest of the Ama fleet was spread out over the ocean.

He gazed across the harbour to where the Ama fleet lay sprawled across the middle distance.

So much belief, so much authority seemed to have been invested by the builders in these primitive, faceless idols, guardians of the blithe, naked Ama girls, that Bond had a ridiculous urge to kneel and ask for their blessing as the Crusaders had once done before their God.

They also went for an occasional swim in the cove, where they played with David and she told him all the history of the Ama and of Kuro and expertly parried all his questions about the world outside the island.

Let her walk with us, and we will go home, and you will tell her, Ama, for I love to hear you talk.

And then the Lady Ama kissed her, and bade her when she returned to the great city, either for rest or for love, or because the Father sent for her, that she should come to the house by the river.

As this went through her mind, making her glad, she suddenly became aware of one who was walking by her side, a lady who was covered with a veil white and shining like that which Ama had worn in the beautiful city.

Cuthan, Earl of Bryn, for Taras and Bru Mardan, and all their thanes, swear to defend the rights of him holding Hen Amas, to march to war under his command, to gather levies and revenues, to acknowledge him lord and sovereign over its claims and courts and to abide by his judgments in all disputes.

Years ago, one of the Amas caught her rope in a rock underwater, and the people have talked of the accident ever since.

By the time the brigade had been reorganised, the enemy had taken Ama Keng village, where roads and tracks of the neighborhood met.

De tout cet amas se degageait une odeur chaude qui, melee a celle de la graisse et de la vaisselle, troublait le coeur et le soulevait.

Cuthan, Earl of Bryn, for Taras and Bru Mardan, and all their thanes, swear to defend the rights of him holding Hen Amas, to march to war under his command, to gather levies and revenues, to acknowledge him lord and sovereign over its claims and courts and to abide by his judgments in all disputes.