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Answer for the clue "Hawaiian loin cloth", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word malo

Saint-___ (French seaport)

Bueno's opposite

Bad, in BogotГЎ

Opposite of bueno

Bad, in Barcelona

___ animo (with evil content)

Saint-___, French port

Bernardo's bad

St. ___, French port

St. ____ (Channel port)

Saint _____, France

St.-_____, France

___ animo (with evil intent)

Spanish for 8 Down

" . . . libra nos a ___"

St.-___, Brittany

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n. (context informal English) malolactic fermentation

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Malo was an American Latin -tinged rock and roll group. The San Francisco-based ensemble was led by Arcelio Garcia and Jorge Santana , the brother of Latin-rock guitarist, Carlos Santana . Five of Malo's original members (Santana, Leo, Garcia, Tellez, and...

Usage examples of malo.

Malo on the day when I was examining there the relics of the vessel which Cartier was obliged to leave in the Canadian river, because so many of his men had died of scurvy and exposure that he had not sufficient crew to man the three ships home.

Malo for a few months, Cartier was sent out to bring the Lord of Norembega home.

Malo saw them or not, we have record that Champlain in his exploration of the Atlantic coast did discern their peaks upon his horizon.

Cahours, Lymoges, Castres malo sepmano De nuech l'intrado, de Bourdeaux vn cailhau, Par Perigort au toc de la campano.

He had by dint of cudgelling his brains just thought of the Southampton - St Malo service.

But the crowd left her antics and started to applaud as blunt Malo, from the other side of the island, suddenly wrapped a bit of yellow tapa about his shoulders and made believe he was fat Tatai of Havaiki, executing ridiculous steps to the music and lampooning that chief's pompous ways.

According to Wachter it means, unstained, from the privative a, and malo a stain.

I knew him to be a brutal, stupid person, thick-chested, thick-necked, a hairy, hombre malo who liked to castrate male slaves, rape slave women, and flog everybody in sight.

Malo, an aging Catholic summer camp some twenty-five or thirty miles north of Kelly Dahl Campground along the same Peak to Peak Highway.

He won her sympathies at once by carrying on about the sunsets at St Malo, sunsets which, for two days running, we had missed because I hadn't had the energy to walk from the railway hotel to the old city.