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Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A mate, companion, or associate. 2 A companion in battle; fellow soldier. 3 A fellow socialist, communist or other very politically leftist person, or 4 (non-gloss definition: A title, functionally similar to "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Miss", "Ms." etc, in left-wing ...

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES comrade in arms COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE old ▪ They belonged to every organization, social club, old comrades association, and church for miles around. ▪ Back home in 1960, An was working for Reuters when ...

Usage examples of comrade.

Paks, would carry their fallen comrades to the endless fields of the afterworld, where horses never tire, nor riders fall.

As for Ahl and her comrades, they settled in the sand close to the Taig prisoners.

Wherever the Mafia had grown and prospered since Prohibition, these other savages were there as well, ever clinging to the shadows as the more flamboyant amici filled headlines and mortuaries, lending their advice and financial acumen where it was lacking in their Mafia comrades, Siegel, Buchalter, Cohen, Lansky.

There were also many armed soldiers running, not away from the amphitheater but toward it, to reinforce their comrades inside.

The dead and wounded Ansar toppled back on to their comrades, who were climbing up behind them.

Though somewhat dismayed to find his property located a score of leagues beyond that of his nearest white neighbor, the major was at the same time gratified to discover in that neighbor his old friend and comrade, William Johnson, through whose diplomacy the powerful Iroquois tribes of the Six Nations were allied to the English and kept at peace.

Small numbers of Roman cavalry - not the wild Batavian horsemen of the cohorts or their Gaulish auxiliary comrades - covered the margins, preventing an attack from the rear.

He surrenders his post to a comrade, and crawls down into his bombproof dugout almost reluctantly, for the long day of inactive waiting has commenced.

With Boolean dead and the rest lining up for the slaughter, and with him and his pet and his new comrades and position, things were about as good as they could be.

In the shadow of a neighbouring bush Captain Scraggs babbled of steam beer in the Bowhead saloon, and the commodore, stifling his own agony, watched his comrades until their lips and tongues, parched with thirst, refused longer to produce even a moan, and silence settled over the dismal camp.

Alf Brummel sat at the conference table surrounded by his many comrades and smiling that toothy grin.

The most important group was the PPS, which had stolen every type of official stamp and forged Aryan papers for some of its Bundist comrades.

To resume: the said Carandas was, on his return from Flanders, entertained by his comrade, and by all those by whom he was liked for his jokes, his drollery, and quaint remarks.

Exhausted men staggered to the finish, some dragging or carrying their comrades, determined not to give Castner the satisfaction of seeing a single soldier failing to complete the course.

He was playing for his comrades as he had played at Shiloh, at Chickamauga and many another place in the Southland.