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Answer for the clue "U.S. satellite", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ogo

U.S. scientific satellite of the 60's

U.S. space observatory

Relative of Explorer

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n. ogonori

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Ogo is a handheld electronic device which allows the user to communicate via instant messaging services, email , MMS and SMS text messages. The device works through GSM cellular networks and allows unlimited usage for a flat monthly fee. It supports AOL...

Usage examples of ogo.

Yes, I've already had one conference with Ogo, and tonight we conclude the deal.

By insisting on absolute darkness, Ogo the Blind cancels at a stroke the interviewer's advantage—indeed, the advantage passes to Ogo, since he is used by a lifetime of it to utter darkness—a long lifetime, since he's an ancient one, to judge by his speech.

Anyhow, as you with Ogo, I go to Nemia of the Dusk a second time, to complete our deal.

Interesting, isn't it, that a man as clever as Ogo should believe such superstitious nonsense?

For a moment he thought of returning to Fafhrd and with him devising plans against Ogo and Nemia.

Khal Jommo and Khal Ogo, who had been in Vaes Dothrak with their khalasars when they arrived, were given seats of high honor to DrOgo's right and left.

Khal Ogo first, and then the son, FOgo, who became khal when Ogo fell.

On the platform they piled Khal DrOgo's treasures: his great tent, his painted vests, his saddles and harness, the whip his father had given him when he came to manhood, the arakh he had used to slay Khal Ogo and his son, a mighty dragonbone bow.

Here's another pair: to wit, one Nemia of the Dusk, one Eyes of Ogo, women of lax morals and, to boot, receivers of stolen property, oh, that's vile!