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Answer for the clue "Greek war cry ", 5 letters:

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Alala ( Ancient Greek : (alalá); "battle-cry" or "war-cry"), was the personification of the war cry in Greek mythology . Her name derives from the onomatopoeic Greek word (alalḗ), hence the verb (alalázō), "to raise the war-cry". Greek soldiers attacked ...

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n. 1 (context Greek god English) A goddess, personification of the war cry/battle cry 2 (sense: rare) (given name: female).

Usage examples of alala.

All these are most secret secrets, and I am glad when I remember what they are, and how many wonderful languages I know, but there are some things that I call the secrets of the secrets of the secrets that I dare not think of unless I am quite alone, and then I shut my eyes, and put my hands over them and whisper the word, and the Alala comes.